Sample Essay on Marketing Strategies and Product Promotion

Promotion is a word used mostly in the marketing of products to reach its potential customers. There is below-the-line promotion and above-the-line promotion. Above-the-line promotion involves paying for advertisement that involves using a wide range of mass media channels. Examples of these mass media channels include televisions, advertising in cinemas and also in radios. Others examples are newspapers and magazines which can collectively be termed as print media. There is also the use of websites and online advertising.Companys may also post their products on billboards found in high visibility areas such as airports and roadsides. Above-the- line-promotion is able to reach a huge audience and thus it is a good way of creating awareness of the brand. Infiniti which a luxury vehicle division owned by Nissan, uses worldwide television adverts to show the greatness and superiority of their products. This mode of promotion is however expensive and can sometimes be hard to target the required customer most likely because the messages reach a mass audience (Bowman & Gatignon, 2010).

Measuring social media promotion is not an easy task since, due to the increasing fame of television formats for example sky+, viewers are able to fast forward most television adverts. Organizations use different types of adverting. Television adverting entails two often used methods. They include; first, informative advertising which is intended to create or increase awareness. An example is public health advertising. The viewers get to be informed of the health hazards involved in different consumptions or actions in their day to day life. Secondly, persuasive advertising, this intends to convince the customers to buy a product. This can be achieved by putting across those features that make the product more desirable than other competitor products. For example, on its website and in most of its television advertisements, the infiniti shows her product’s key differences in design and performance (Ferrell & Hartline, 2008).

On the other hand, Infiniti also uses below-the-line promotion which differs from above-above-the-line promotion in several ways. This difference can be shown as it is narrower and it mostly targets having flowing communication with its customers. Using these methods leads to more control and thus creating a deeper engagement with the targeted audiences via specific initiatives. There are several examples of below-the-line promotion, they include sponsorship, merchandising, public relations, hospitality and the use of social media (United States, Bond & Lean, 1977). Infiniti supports its sponsorship of Red Bull Racing as one of its below-the-line techniques. Sebastian Vettel , a three-time’s formula one champion underpins this activity as he works as infinti’s brand ambassador. He goes beyond just endorsing the company’s products as he is also the global brand’s ambassador.

Public relations are a communication process strategized to create a mutual benefit relationship between the public and the organization. Media relations enable a brand to get branded coverage by creating genuinely worthy stories. Infiniti has focused on this over a long period of time as Vettel works to support media and public relations activities coming together with every Grand Prix. Examples of the activities are viral marketing where the social media has been key for promotional activities, competitions where infiniti holds driving test giving its consumers a money-cant-buy experience (Lamb, Hair & McDaniel, 2012). Also there can be the use of press conferences, company visits and media events.

Partnering with redbull racing and Sebastian vettel has helped infiniti in achieving its key marketing goals of international growth in several ways. Sebastian has represented the brands vision of passion, performance, provocation and performance. Vettel has helped infiniti to reach a larger market. This has been possible due to the wide fan base that vettel has. Many people who are Vettel fans love using Infiniti cars for the sole reason that their star man is using it. This has thus helped p0in increasing sales for the firm. Increase in sales leads to a better returns enjoyed in the market. Sebastian Vettel and red bull partnership with Infiniti has also led to improvement of Infiniti’s product awareness. Due to curiosity of many formula one fans, most of them want to know what their star man uses in the races. Though some follow him in television and in social media such as twitter, instagram, and face book. They tend to be aware of the product from Infiniti through their search of what Vettel uses in the races thus improving the product awareness (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2012).

Partnering with Vettel and red bull has also help Infiniti establishing itself better in the industry. This is due to the increased public awareness for their product.  Public awareness of products is achieved through the use of social media while in term is propelled by the partnership with Vettel. Some people solely log into social media platforms to check on Vettel’s performances ending up knowing more about Infiniti and its products. Most of these objectives have been achieved because of the partnership with Vettel. This is because Vettel, who is a three time world champion, has not failed on his part of achieving his part of the obligations and has continued winning all through. His inspired performances have made Vettel a perfect fit with Infiniti brand promise (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2012).

The market mix is a means for firms to link key elements of price, place, product, and promotion to achieve its objectives. Each company is different from other companies on its marketing mix as the mix depends on several factors. These factors include competition, the market it is targeting to sell its products, the type of products and the findings from market research. Honda motors have a powerful marketing mix as it has a dynamic use of the concept. Among the product available include car models Honda jazz, Honda city 2008, and Honda civic. Among the distinguished features of their product are looks and designs. Honda cars are outstanding in design as compared to its competitors. Another feature in Honda cars is their interiors. They are brilliantly designed, the steering wheel has audio control, they have a multidimensional dash, and the seats are very comfortable and have safety features for example airbags. Honda cars’ engine, gearbox and performance are another feature.  I-VTEC engine, paddle shift, wheel base, dual air bags and EBD consists of some standard features of the Honda car (Kurtz, 2013).

Another distinct feature of the Honda car is its price.  Figures obtained from ex showroom in Mumbai shows; Honda Jazz Jazz basic Rs. 743000Jazz ModeRs. 773786 Jazz Active Rs. 778871. Honda cars are more expensive than any other cars. Its targets are the peoples who want an outstanding car in terms of design, quality, innovation and comfort. Since its introduction in 1997, the Honda city has revolutionized the passenger car market in India. It has the ability to manufacture 100000 cars. Honda has a strong distribution and sale network. Its 94 facilities in 57 cities with a 51 exclusive dealership. By 2009 the company was targeting 100 dealer outlets all over India. In 2009 Honda was the winner of the second edition of best brand survey awards of India (Mullin, & Cummins, 2008). It bagged eight prizes. Honda promotes its products using print media advertising in news papers and magazines. Honda is a brand popular in its innovation and quality.


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