Sample Essay on Lawsuits on Patents and Copyrights

Patents and copyrights are in most case quite similar and hence the law suits against then can be quite tricky. It is therefore quite imperative that other parties in various field of operation have already owned most of the companies who produce various products to be keen and not to infringe various patents and copyrights that. Given the fact that there always a thin line in terms of the uniqueness of the patents and copyrights, a company should make sure that it has a competent lawyer who will be able to pin point various uniqueness in patents and copyrights that actually distinguish them from one to another (Bouchoux, 45).

One of the uniqueness that should be noted is the gist of how a specific patent operates. The operational structure of a particular patent or copyright will make a profound difference in the event that they are infringed. A closer look at the song by Essex “easier said than done” in comparison with the Marley Munroe’s song “Broken Window” one uniqueness that comes in these two songs is voice that these artists uses. Munroe uses a high-pitched tone while Essex uses a sluggishly low tone. Although the two songs are quite similar in terms of their beats and the genre, these songs are quite different in their originality (Sisk, Michael, John, and Urban, 90). At this point in time, a law suit against any of these artists to each other cannot be possible and will be deemed curtailed by the fact that the voices are quite different. As a consumer, I may group these songs in the same way since they tend to satisfy a section of music industry but according to law, these two songs are quite different.

Another area of difference in these two songs that is recognized by the law is the contextual message that is passed across when one listen to them. As we all know, the theme of the Essex song is based on “easier said than done” while that of Munroe is based on the “Broken windows”. These two themes bring about two distinct prompts of reasoning to the customer and this is what makes the difference when the two of them acquire patent for their songs (Scheb , and John 123). A probable lawsuit may occur in the event that either one of the artists copies directly on the lyrics made by another artists. In this sense, the rhythm for which this message is relayed to the audience is of essence and a lawsuit can be enforceable when dealing in such similarity in terms of lyrical composition.

A scrutiny into the construction of Munroe song “Broken Windows” and Elvis Presley song “suspicious mind” the building of the beats is very similar. As a consumer, it really does not matter since I categorize them into one genre of the song and prelude that they have the same purpose. The transcending effect of these songs to our well-being is the gist of getting entertained (Sisk, Michael, John, and Urban, 140). In as much as this perception is of value to various producers in every industry, to the consumer, the appeal and the level of satisfaction is very vital when consuming a product. On the account of the ethical stance of the beverages that have specific brand that affects the ethical standards of the society, it is with great concern that the poor health conditions that these beverages bring to the community should be charged on the companies that produce these beverages. This is because they hold the patents of producing such products and hence should be held responsible by all standards (Scheb, and John 143).

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