Sample Essay on Individual Sale-Representatives and Sales Teams

Selling is a continuous revolving cycle that assists an organization or business in marketing and selling its products.  Selling professionals develop basic selling strategies and tactics that help them to perfect their own selling styles. The selling process can be broken down in several stages based on if team sales or individual sale representatives are employed in the process. A sales team is a group of individuals or sales representatives tasked with the sale of a product or a range of products for an organization whereas individual sales representatives are lone rangers employed and tasked with representing a business or organization in the sale of its products. Selling has been made complex in the recent past with the escalation of customer expectations and varied demands thus forcing organizations to reorganize some traditional selling techniques. This paper explicitly reviews the differences between individual sale representatives and team sales.

Team sales have leaders who coordinate sales using a myriad of salespeople in many locations.  Team selling is sometimes referred to as cross-functional selling in large organizations whereby the team is made up of individuals from different departments. The goal of team selling is to provide better customer service to clients. Team sales are ideal to large organizations with numerous departments that deal with a range of products.

On the other hand, Individual sales representatives are basically lone rangers who represent the interests of a business or organization to potential clients. They mostly call or pay a visit to clients to demonstrate how the products are used, show samples, take orders, and sometimes negotiate prices. The main objective of sales representatives is to provide clients with customized products based on the client’s preferences. Client companies that take buying decisions only basing on the price are the ideal prospects of using sales-representatives.