Sample Essay on Email to Client`S about Product Updates In 2015




I want to emphasize the synonymy of JAY BEAUTY with quality. More than being synonymous, I want the two to be a single entity in your mind. I would like the name JAY BEAUTY to inspire a feeling of quality, versatility, satisfaction, and reliability. JAY BEAUTY focuses on production of beauty products and accessories to ensure appreciation of all client`s needs regardless of age or sex- a summary of key mission and vision statement- we are for all.

JAY BEAUTY, we are forerunners. We associate with top scientific research agencies on beauty therapy. Our history is inherent in constant research; innovation and creativity to keep you ‘our customer’ ahead on sphere of beauty product world. Most significantly, we would like to assure you of the dedication of customer service to par with the technological effort that we apply to product development.

Owing to the changes that characterized the ending year 2014, JAY BEAUTY took the lead in research on projected consumer needs in 2015. We are pleased in introducing a new product package that focuses not only on general consumer needs, but also customized to suit individuals at a personal level. The package focuses listening to your challenges and issues as consumer and satisfying the needs of the challenges with product resources that is of high quality and functionality.

The list of products that bear our brand name in the market currently include Jay hair care products, makeup line, Jay fragrance, and a wide variety of skin care lotions. In 2015, the company will introduce a product line of men`s makeup and perfume.

In conclusion, let me urge you to order an exclusive holiday personalized gift hampers from JAY BEAUTY that will give you a taste of what JAY BEAUTY has in store for you in 2015.




Sandra Sandra