Sample Essay on Discussion Questions

What assurances would you seek from the company’s CEO concerning the administrative relationships to be established between the new SBU and corporate headquarters?

Before accepting the job, the corporate office must give an assurance that it would be committed to ensuring that the project succeeds. The headquarter would also be expected to act as the project management office or set up an office, which would be mandated to carry out the functions of the project management office. Either way, the headquarter must ensure that all the managers involved in this project are adequately guided on the project management.

The headquarter must also commit to the development and the implementation of a standardized and consistent process. The corporate headquarter should ensure that all the participants are given relevant training concerning the project. Headquarter should commit to act as the central office from where the project managers would report to before heading to the project location. Lastly, the headquarter must commit to put in place, managers who would help in managing the multiple aspects of the project


The administrative relationship would be very important in ensuring that the project is conducted with a lot of efficiency and cut the general costs, which the project would have cost in the absence of a strong administrative relationship. The relationship would also quick project delivery, while saving the company time and money.

How would you want to tailor your compensation plan? In other words, what dimensions of performance should be rewarded?

In the management of this project, I would base my compensation plan in three main areas. The first area is the role of being a strategist’s would seek to be rewarded for translating the company’s strategy and turning it into a performance. Another area, which should be compensated, is my communication role. It would be my role to check the duty of other people and ensure that the project comply with the necessary regulations.

Outline the major marketing metrics you would recommend in such a system.
Some of the marketing metrics that I would recommend include the following:
  • Deeper understanding and mapping of the business processes and structure:-all the participants are required to familiarize themselves with the company’s structure and procedures.The structure would include the company’s level of competition and the competitors, the business environment and the business processes.
  • Developing and setting out priorities of the business performance:-the system chosen for performance measurement must enable the stakeholders to achieve their earlier set goals. The order of priorities must be set before the on-set of the project.
  • Promote understanding of the current systems used in performance measurement:-as a new employee in the company, it would be very important to understand the current system of performance measurement. It would then be decided whether to scrap the system and introduce a better one or continue with the system.
  • Development of performance indicators for the company:-these are very important because they would form the benchmark for measuring the company’s performance. This is the point where bottom-up design and cascading design meet. The system should have relevant and appropriate number of performance indicators.
  • Deciding on the most appropriate communication role:-this would provide a quick overview of the things going around the facility.
  • Designing the performance and reporting formats for the data presentation:-the design process would consider how the project would be presented to the public and the stakeholders.
  • Testing and adjusting the system used for measuring the performance:-the system should be tested and adjustment made on the parts that are not working as expected.
  • Implementing the system for measuring the performance

 Develop a dashboard of performance metrics you think top management should use to evaluate the drivers of the firm’s success.