Sample Essay on Celebrity Endorsements


Celebrity endorsement is a process of branding products in the name of celebrated personnel in various fields. This attracts customers to purchase goods by creating demand for the products. In an article written by Goggin in the journal of the Politics of Openness in Global Mobile Cultures in the year 2011, Samsung endorsed j-zay as the new face of the company for promoting sales of smart phones (Goggin 231). The article shows the benefit of Samsung embracing celebrity endorsement as an attempt of increasing the sales volume for Smartphone’s. J-zay style of music is very influential, especially to the young generation that the company strived to reach by influencing them to purchase the product. Significantly, the company has been in position to reach a huge number of people in the world. This is one of the most successful endeavors in the world for celebrity endorsement.

Celebrity Endorsements

This celebrity is well known for tracks that would encourage people to purchase Samsung as a way of connecting to his music. The company is in a position to build brands for its products that attract sales. This reduces time and cost involved in the advertising activities using other means, such as road show promotions. However, the company risks having the celebrity overshadow the products. Consumers in this case will focus on the celebrity more than the products. On the other hand, the celebrity benefit from the endorsement by promoting his or her career in various ways including financial benefits from the company. In some cases, the celebrities are at the risk of losing their relevancy in their career due to being overshadowed by a certain product. In addition, he or she may suffer from the failure of certain products producing the desired outcome, which is very detrimental to their carrier and public image.

In the text book Celebrity Leverage: Insider Secrets to Getting Celebrity Endorsements, Instant Credibility and Star-Powered Publicity written by McCauley, the chapter entitled the celebrity endorsements talks about the advantages and risks accrued to celebrity endorsement (McAuley 35). J-zay endorsement story is significant in the sense that the company was in a position to achieve its goals of marketing through celebrity endorsement. Samsung sold so many smart phones in the world market within a very short time. The text also outlines the risks associated with celebrity endorsement, which forms part of the company marketing strategies that affects its performance.


Celebrity endorsement is one of the risky endeavors to engage in for any company. However, it yields good profit. This is because of the fact that most of the celebrity suffers from credibility issues, which affect the welfare of the brand. If celebrity integrity is compromised and the company has already endorsed him or her for its brand, the brand is deemed to face dire consequences in the market (Garthwaite 34). In other words, endorsement would mean tagging the success of a company brand to the integrity of the celebrity that is prone to personal behavioral changes. Therefore, it is crucial for any company engaging in an endorsement contract to evaluate the behavioral concept and integrity issues that surround an individual life. This facilitates the organization’s overall well being of the company. Some companies have failed alongside the celebrity failure in ethical matters while the vice versa is true.


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