Sample Essay on Case 4: Hometown Tech Services

The strategy planning of Weddy is aided by the experience she had in computer accessories and computing. Based on her experience in the field of computing, she was able to plan effectively for the business. Accordingly, she managed to budget for the business based on her experience. Being fresh teenager, who had just left college, Wendy formulated everything needed to achieve her goals and objective in the business(Perreault, et al. 586). Her plan was to hit $70,000 target per year. Therefore, her strategy was good because she understood how to invest her money in the business. More so, the amount saved for the business was good enough to support her for a few months before the business picked.

However, although she had enough capital required in starting the business, Wendy could rarely realize the objectives and goals of the business because of poor evaluation. Wendy failed to evaluate the weakness allied to the business(Perreault, et al. 586). As a result, she did not make corrections when she made mistakes. Accordingly, Wendy was not able to establish some of her strengths. Identifying one’s strengths is imperative because it enables individuals to improve on what they cannot do well. In addition, Weddy faced competition from Erick who had enough experience in the industry. She therefore, needed time, like Erick, to make such as a success. Erick had been in the industry for 20 years.

The most pragmatic thing to do would be moving out of her hometown and look for another city to start the business. In a new town, Wendy islikely to succeed as a tech person because she will not face much competition from Erick. While in the new city, she is supposed to save enough money while at the same time creating rapport with loyal customers. The customers will have known her by the time she opens up the new business. This way, her business will most likely succeed.


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