Sample Dissertation Chapter Paper on Honolulu Cookie Company Analysis


This paper is an analysis/critique of the final group project handled by one of the class groups. The company of study of the group is the Honolulu Cookie Company. Generally, the group did a great job especially in the following areas:

Paper format

The paper provided connections from one point to another. I already knew what to expect in the next section by the time I was reading the last sentence of the current section.


It got me wondering why the group had settled for expansion in Taiwan. I had to find out what exactly the potential of Taiwan is. Sure, tourists that tour Taiwan from Japan, China, and Singapore pose a potential market. These tourists are known to be in mad love with pineapple pastry. The group is, therefore, assured of a ready market primarily because the company’s logo carries the symbol of a pineapple.

However, the group needs to have more information in the following areas:


When the group suggests collecting data about the culture of Hawaiians in Taiwan, it is the wrong marketing strategy. What the group should understand is that penetrating Taiwan means participation in the world market. The challenge is to learn the larger culture of the global market. Since the company has its origin in Hawaii, it is time-wasting to think that the Hawaiians in Taiwan are any different from the ones in Hawaii. Further, the population of the Hawaiians in Taiwan cannot form the bigger percentage of the entire Taiwan population. What this group has done is to lose sight of the big picture – the Taiwan society, and concentrated on the insignificant lot – the Hawaiians in Taiwan.

Pricing as a Marketing Strategy

It is unwise for the group to suggest the penetration into the market with high-priced cookies in order to recover the production costs. The group, at this stage, should not set its eyes on recovering the costs, neither making profits. Rather, it should focus on creating awareness. The group should tailor promotional campaigns aimed at informing the target market of the product availability. Price has the power to attract or repel a customer. Nobody wants to risk their money on a product they have not tried before. Few people are willing to part with money for a product whose performance they do not know. What the group should aim at is low-priced products until the product has achieved recognition in Taiwan. Once the consumer has bought a new product and accepted it as good, price matters less. It is at this point that the group should suggest increase in prices.