Sample Discussion Conclusion Paper on Customer Service and Marketing in the Emergency Services


An organization offering emergency services needs to utilize marketing mindsets such as customer-centered focus, segmenting and targeting markets, identifying competitors, and environmental monitoring for its overall success.

Provision of emergency services requires a business to divide the market into segments and thereafter isolate segments with potential consumers. In fact, an organization cannot blankly serve the market without recognizing potential consumers of its services. Nevertheless, the organization may utilize different targeting approaches depending on the level of competition in the industry.

For instance, undifferentiated targeting suits low competition levels. Moreover, concentrated targeting focuses on intimate analysis of market gaps and often fits small companies. Finally, multi-segment targeting concentrates on more than one segment and may be costly, thus suitable for firms with huge financial base. A company will chose its approach of segmentation based on its financial capabilities.

The modern customers have great exposure to product and service information, thanks to technological advancements. The new buying behavior of consumers demands closer engagements and tailoring services to suit needs, tastes, and preferences of consumers. Thus, close attention to differentiated customer involvements help build service brand, market share, and competitive gain.

Knowledge about the competition strategies of other firms in the industry is vital to players in markets. More often, customers’ loyalty depends on quality, availability, knowledge of existence of services and affordability of prices relative to aspects of services offered by other firms. In addition, a business can influence its customers by continually scanning its environment. Regular monitoring of the environment enables a business to pinpoint prospects, and threats that outside surrounding presents and make necessary adjustments.


Customer mindsets are critical to successful marketing analysis and overall success of any business. Hence, an emergency services agency can utilize the discussed aspects of customer mindsets to influence its customers regarding loyalty and satisfaction.