Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Advertising

I am taking this course to become well-versed with marketing issues and concepts. It will assist me in acquiring the skills required for my career. I hope to learn several concepts that are related to my career for instance advertising and brand management. This will enable me handle issues while practicing my career in a professional manner. I also hope to learn about the relationship between communication and marketing and how modern technology has shaped marketing.

 Brands are impacted in several ways by advertising:
  • Awareness: It makes consumers to be know that a certain product is on the market
  • Brand image: It sets out and defines the image of the product
  • Brand loyalty: Advertising increases the emotional attachment customers have with the brand and this makes even spend more and buy the brand
  • Brand identity: It helps to maintain the uniqueness of the brand.
  • Increased sale: Advertisement also directly boosts the sales of a certain brand.
  • Product advertising: It reveals the features of a particular product.
  • Corporate advertising reveals the company’s capabilities.
  • Direct response advertising: It employs a response mechanism, it encourages customers to give their details in exchange for an offer. The information obtained is used to create new sales opportunities.
  • Financial advertising: Involves publishing financial results and other vital information such as contracts to keep the audience up to date with the performance of the company.

Advertising messages can be classified based on the purpose on which the advertisement is being carried out for instance to fulfill a need, clear benefit, and offer a solution.

Primary demand stimulation and selective demand stimulation helps to classify advertising into either selective advertising which concentrates on a specific product and primary advertising which concentrates on general products.

Direct response versus delayed response advertising helps in getting responses from prospects and customers either over a short or long period of time

Corporate and brand advertising, it helps to classify if either a specific brand of a company or the corporation itself is being advertised.