Sample Case Study Paper on Day By Day Case Study

Waste management is at stake in both France and worldwide because the issue is a global challenge to the economy, especially in packaging and waste control. Therefore, France and the world need to implement a global plan on how to tackle wastage like the Day by day store, “Day by Day is an idea based on the principle of zero waste which is a key player in the circular economy. The world just like France needs to work on ways of reducing waste the waste that comes as result of food packaging. This can be done by reducing packaging waste used in the products, goods and in transportation, by use of reusable packaging such as “glass or plastic bottles and jars or metal boxes, use of loose and unpackaged format.’’

Companies need to reduce unsold stock, utilize sourcing and optimize supply flow, ‘‘the idea of selling the right quantity, not holding stocks and not throwing away expired products.’’ There is a global increase of waste foods thrown away every day. This increases the waste to environment. This can be reached by raising awareness to customers and providing existing solutions for tackling waste and educating the masses on the habits of reducing waste and the risks associated with throwing wastes. ‘A good level of education’ is required.

The world also need to come up with recycle waste collection centers just like other nations have done  and to encourage recycling habit and recovering wastes, saving paper, water and energy amongst other renewable resources. Packaging and waste can be realized through loose and unpackaged format like the Day-by-Day franchise.