Sample Business Report Paper on Thailand Market Analysis


Employing natural materialists to create a fascinating impression is seemingly an easy but exotic exploration. The photo is one of the many feather artistic works of Kate MccGwire.It appears like a caged python which seems to have been breaded for long, growing into a huge size. The cage is placed at the corner of two brick walls. Pigeon’s feathers have been used to make an image of a python. The subject of the art form is portraiture. The color of feathers is cool and together with the seemingly smooth textured surface looks quite impressive to touch.



The caged python is the center of attention taking a big space of the photo and particularly emphasized by the pigeon’s quills. The sculpture is unique and creative and made of unusual median as pigeon’s feathers may need to be collected from seasonal supply from far located suppliers to come up with such a design. Feathers are perfectly and consistently arranged to form an impressive pattern.



The image is all about beauty and duality with pigeon’s feathers used to make an image of a snake. It appears to have been designed with a lot of patients to impact a good and impressive feeling. I think the artist is trying to connect the usefulness of nature into creating fascinating phenomena. By doing this, she gets viewers mind to think about the effects brought about by extensive sourcing and manipulation of feathers. The matching of effort and effect must be the main aim of the artist.



The art presenting a python snake at first it is frightening but then seduces us in a way that it lights a relationship with the feather and familiarize ourselves with an exciting fear. The creation is unique, and the material design is ultimately moving. I would buy and hang the picture  in my house because to me, it is wild imagination and an awesome application of nature that is interesting to look at. The art is a good representation of nature and personally, inspires me to think of a related creation for my work in future.