Sample Business Plan Paper on My Mission Statement

My mission is to work as an instrument of positive change in the food industry by coming up with the best food processing company in the world. Through this field, I hope to employ my God given gifts and involve all aspects of my life encompassing purpose, appreciation, and energy to be the best in the entire world. I hope to be myself by performing better than other existing companies in the same industry perform. I know that I can achieve this dream due to the acquired expertise in cooking and in business management. Organizational skills are additionally one of my strongest points in business so far.

I believe I have what it takes to raise and establish an internationally acknowledged company. My father was an expert in the food industry before he resigned due to health complications. He operated a food processing company in China, for frozen fresh vegetables, and exported the products to America. From the expected high-profit turnover rate, I hope to build a sales company at NYC for the residents of United States market.

I am guided by my individual set of morals and principles, which had been developed through relationships with my father, extended family members, and the business executives I have interacted with in the food industry sector. I always believe that life is not just about actualizing oneself; it is also about creating oneself. I hope the capture unexplored talents among the workers I will employee and expose the best about perfection in business. I have been taught to uphold the principle that ‘the customer is the king’. This principle will highly remain useful to me to guide me to acknowledge the major relationship I am to foster for the business to attain the desired success.

Market Strategy

To achieve this desire of establishing the best food processing company in the world, I have to apply the market strategy. This strategy will emphasize the potency of the business as well as those of the products and services of the company. The strategy will further enhance positive and steady developments, market penetration within a set period, and increase brand awareness that can be quantified by reactions. Besides these expectations, the market strategy will benefit this innovative company by offering feedback of the customers who shall have enjoyed our services and products. To penetrate the market successfully, the company will employ this strategy to develop a customer base, work to edifice strong customer loyalty, and create buyer awareness of the products and services to be offered.

This strategy calls for this new commerce to be insistent and inventive by coming up with original and high-quality products. This is no mean feat and therefore demands that the company sacrifice its resources and position itself in trade shows, in food industry publications, and in the social media as a reinforcement of the market strategy. The market strategy further demands that I apply my previously acquired skills of attracting and retaining customers. This strategy of meeting customers’ satisfaction comes at a very high operating cost. Nevertheless, I desire to meet this cost so that this desirable company can attain the enviable reputation for advanced growth as the best international food processing and Import Company. The market strategy will facilitate the introduction of innovative and quality vending equipment to the company. This will foster intimate customer contact and excellent relations for customers’ satisfaction. The market strategy will further facilitate secured flow of cash for operations, uphold solidity of the company, and fund potential developments.