Sample Business Plan Paper on Executive Summary

This marketing plan focuses on exploring the Marketing Mix that Walt Disney has in place, and its effectiveness. It has also discussed a brief history of the company, with an analysis of the industry and competitor analysis.

Effectiveness of Walt Disney Marketing Mix

Walt Disney has a very effective marketing mix. As an autonomous entity, Walt Disney is driven by sales just as any other company. It has innovated creative products like Disneyland and movies, such as Aladdin. Wait Disney’s commodities are of high eminence, and are often sold with a one-year warranty. Because of catering for a majority of the population, Disney has not placed a high price tag on its tickets and products. This has worked well for Disney because it has managed to sell its products to children and parents. Pricing is influenced by the price tags on the competitor’s products to match up to competition.

Walt Disney’s products are well positioned all over the globe. The company has sufficient distribution channels. Customers can also find digital products on the internet, a platform that has played a major role in the promotion of Walt Disney and its products. Disney also uses television and website to make the public aware of its products and services. The effective combination of these P’s is what has majorly contributed to the success of Walt Disney. The company has managed to beat the competition, and augment to its profitability decade after decade. Therefore, it is clear that Walt Disney’s Marketing Mix is effective.


However, if I were the owner of Disney, there is one thing I would do to improve the innovation process. I would instill the culture of open innovation through which the company could get new ideas for the advancement of new products and technology from the wider public. This way, the company products would be customized to match the individual needs of each market niche. This would prospectively enlarge the revenue of the firm.