Sample Business Plan Paper on American Stationery Marketing Plan for Bringing More Customers

American Stationery should meet with the retailers during national and intercontinental trade shows and try to convince them to sell their products. The company should register as an attendee and organize the proper quantity of its marketing collateral. American Stationery should promote its website and Facebook page through search engine optimization (SEO) and article marketing. They should create a joint marketing program to recompense web publishers for promoting their products (Tran Dac Uy 32) and also come up with a mobile application to showcase their products and let end clients know where they can purchase their products in line with where they are presently located.

Another strategy that a company can employ to sell its stationery products is retargeting its marketing efforts (Smith and Zook 51). Since American stationery has only been focusing on women, they should target businesses that frequently use stationery products, for example, florists, bakeries, bridal shops and restaurants. Additionally, the company should target events where people who are interested in buying stationery products meet, for example state stationery and wedding shows.

American Stationery can bring more clients by presenting them with an experience that is worth sharing. This can be achieved through a handwritten note that creates deeper, more meaningful affiliations as compared to email and other types of e-communication. A personal note can convert clients into repeat customers (Chaffey and Smith 13). The physical experience of holding a branded communication card leaves a long-lasting impression (Meyerson 21)

American Stationery should be capable of reaching out to this market segment through tailor-made products that meet customers’ tastes and preferences. The company should be conducting digital marketing in addition to offline activity to bring in the emotional character of the service. The company’s website should be organized into categories whereby visitors can choose a weeding card and personalize it (Wood and Jobber 17). Once an individual selects a certain weeding card, he/she can put his/her photo and text.

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