Sample Article Review Paper on New Service Ideas

Description of the trend

In decades, customers have developed unique tastes and inclinations towards various commodities. Perse, corporate entities are obliged to devise appropriate ways through which they can reach and attract diversified customer bases to their brands. These firms use different marketing strategies and trends that are most suitable and relevant depending on the targeted clients and type of product or service. The trends and approaches represent the brands to the prospective customers convincing them to choose the company’s products. Notably, the significance of the use of social media in propagating these trends cannot be ignored whatsoever.

Most companies in the U.S have been using a variety of marketing trends to communicate directly to consumers. For instance, the Coca-Cola Company has instituted a viable pattern (user-generated content) as a modern trend aimed at marketing their products. The magic and sophistication of user-generated content trends and strategies cannot be ignored (Wofford 1236). This marketing approach has been trending in most parts of the U.S with most companies now considering employing the same strategy. This trend entails involving the customers in creating content for the establishment as depicted below (Wofford 1236).

The primary advantage of this marketing trend is that it appeals directly to the consumers who are made to feel that they played a significant role in the development of the products (Wofford 1236). The targeted clients are requested to create their preferred contents that are then displayed on the company’s portal and the products later generated containing the favored content (Wofford 1237). The company used the internet and social media platform to request its targeted clients to share pictures of their custom-made coke bottles and later produced the same. The purported increase in U.S market dominance and presence can be attributed to this marketing trend coupled with an approximately 3 % increase in sales.

Importance of the trend in the commercialization of a service

In essence, consumers’ preferences and inclinations are subject to constant change depending on the market substitutes and alternatives offered by competing entities. As such, instituting a feasible marketing campaign will be crucial in convincing the clients to consider the firm’s brands. In the marketing of services, the user-generated will ensure that the prospective buyers are attracted to the company’s brands (Wofford 1237). For example, in an airline company, the user-generated content strategy can be used to convince customers to book flights from the firm. Given that most of the airlines are tailored specifically to services, they use this marketing trend to stretch the imaginations of the clients. The airlines can also apply user-generated content to assist clients to visualize themselves in various exotic places they intend to visit. The strategy also allows the consumers to define how they would wish to travel and be treated when using the airline. This is important because it helps in inspiring the clients to describe the service in the best way possible.

Service based on user-generated content

A practical example of the use of user-generated content is in the case of Hawaiian Airlines that has been using the approach generating much success in the process. The airline instituted an incredible user-generated content social hub that aimed at inspiring brand advocacy. The company introduced fabulous sunset photos of various destinations on window views as a form of inspiration and to help clients develop an interest in traveling to such destinations. The company, in celebrating its successful years of operations, also allowed its customers to circulate some of the best images that they took and featured the brand. These permitted the targeted clients to view explicitly what it felt like to fly with the airline company.

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