Sample Essay on Hacker Hunters


What type of technology could big retailers use to prevent identity thieves from purchasing merchandise?

In the purchase of merchandise, biometric technologies may be used to prevent identity theft. In this case, purchasers of online merchandise can prevent hacking activities by using biometric passwords to access accounts. For instance, the use of fingerprints and facial recognition to access accounts can bar hackers.

What can an organization do to prevent themselves from hackers looking to steal account data?

            In addition to creating strong firewalls, organizations can keep their passwords secret and permit access to the systems by authorized persons only. Authorized and trusted persons will prevent insider trading. The management information systems should be free from Trojans, keyloggers, and viruses. Organizations can embrace biometric technologies and avoid the files with writable permissions.

Authorities frequently tap online service providers to track down hackers. Do you think it’s ethical for authorities to tap an online service provider and read people’s mail? Why or why not?

            No, I think it is not ethical. Authorities should not rely on information from service providers to track down hackers. The authorities should not be fully trusted due to the possibility of the authorities working with hackers. It is not ethical to read people’s mail because the act trespasses their privacy. The authorities should look for other possible means of tracking down hackers.

Do you think it was ethical for authorities to use one of the high-ranking officials to trap other gang members? Why or why not?

            Yes, I think it was ethical. The authorities used a thief to trap another thief. The use of a high-ranking official eases the access to the other members because the official is aware of all the activities of the gang more than any other person. This was the only perfect strategy to trap the rest of the gang members easily.