Sample Research Paper on Matrix Organization

A weak matrix which is in some cases referred to as functional matrix is where the project or organization head has total control over the resources in a way that he controls all the project mechanisms on the other hand, a strong mechanism is where the individual controlling the resources is also answerable to a more superior individual. In a strong matrix organization, the individuals are closer to the operation environment making it the preferred one in a competitive market set up since the superiority nature that it commands enables one to portray different skills.

The various advantages the use of matrix organization provides to a project manager enables him/her to effectively handle conflicts incase they arise. This is due to its designing which presents forces that reflects on situations as they come about. In this set up, individuals handling a project are able to share resources in a flexible manner. It also provides ground for innovation through knowledge development where one gains knowledge from those close to them. In cases where one is required to make difficult verdicts in uncompromising situation, this form of organization provides the variables. It also results to satisfactory production due to its high coordination level.

Though this form of organization is suitable when planning for a project, the complex implementation process makes it least preferred by project heads.  The idea that it’s headed by two different authorities is so involving making the project implementers to feel much pressure as well as underperformance given that the resources are shared. High professional requirements through interpersonal relations since resources are to be used uniformly. It is also required that meeting and conflict management is part of the plan making it more tiresome and time consuming (Hall 2012).

Gottlie (2007) states that as the leader of the project team one needs to understand the matrix organization he/she chooses with all the shortcomings that it may bring fourth, he should also convey ability to adjust depending to the situation that may arise. Development is key in a matrix organization thus project manager should portray abilities to design new mechanisms that will stir the project to its best.  Clearly outlining the responsibility each member of the organization will play. Frequent evaluation that is improvised using high scale systems to ensure that each member of the in the project circle produces results.


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