Sample Research Paper on Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company was initiated 130 years ago in the year 1986 for the purposes of creating refreshing drinks for consumers in Atlanta, Georgia. Since the inception of this company, it has been innovative and provided billions of consumers globally with different beverage brands mainly for the purposes of refreshments. Currently, Coca-Cola Company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia Coca-Cola Plaza in the United States of America. It specializes mainly in the provision of beverages to a wide range of consumers around the world. Considering the fact that this company is global brand, it has its website that can be accessed any time through the link.The reason for choosing this company is due to the fact that it is considered the world’s largest beverage manufacturer and seller and has been in operation for more than twelve decades.

Coca-Cola is public company and considered as among the largest producers of beverage drinks in the world today. It refreshes its consumers by providing more than 500 still and sparkling brands (Coca-Cola Company, 2016). In addition, Coca-Cola Company has a company size of more than ten thousand employees with system associates totaling to over seven hundred associates. Some of the most recognizable brands sold by this company include: Diet Coke, Minute Maid, Sprite, Fanta, Coca-Cola Zero and Powerade (Coca-Cola Company, 2016). Others brands include Odwella and Dasani among others. Notably, Dasani is water that is manufactured by this company and appreciated by many consumers. Considered as one of the largest distribution companies globally, Coca-Cola spans over two hundred countries around the world. Currently, it is considered to operate at over 1.9 billion daily servings in relation to beverage sales.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are some of operations management elements that Coca-Cola Company considers as significant in the manufacture, distribution and sales of its products. As part of its sustainability approach, this company recycles its bottles in order to ensure that the environment not polluted through the use of non-recyclable products. As a corporate social responsibility, Coca-Cola ensures that it produces safe products to its consumers. As such, consumers would not have to use unhealthy products based on the fact that only safe ingredients are used in the manufacture of beverage drinks. Furthermore, ingredients used in the production of Coca-Cola beverage products are usually labeled in bottles they are packaged in. this means that consumers are able to exactly know the kind of product they are consuming.

In form of competitive dimensions, Coca-Cola uses innovation as its main tool of edging out other beverage competitors in the industry like Pepsi. Campaign slogans and redesigning of bottles are some of the main innovative ways that Coca-Cola Company has used in the promotion of its products and gained competitive advantage in this competitive industry. For example, the “Open Happiness” slogan has enabled this company to reach a wide audience. This slogan mainly advocates for consumption of the coca-cola soda for life pleasures and refreshments (World of Coca-Cola, 2013). As such, consumers and invited to take this drinks and have some forms of happiness in their lives.

If given the chance to have an interview, the first question would be to ask the management of its long term goal in the next fifty years. Secondly, what is it that drives coca-cola company apart from innovation, sustainability and CSR? Thirdly, what are the one main challenge facing Coca-Cola Company?



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