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Sample Paper on Project management

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Sample Paper on Project management


This project aims to investigate on the viability of opening a kindergarten school in Texas region where the outcome will be the valuable information to inform decisions of the management. The objectives would be unearthing ways of initiating the school courtesy of the project deliverables and to increase the market share while being a leader through provision of excellent services. The timeline for the project is four months, starting from May to August 2016; the project will also be guided by acceptable principles and procedures. The project resources for the project encompasses people with the requisite knowledge and skills, equipment like computers, pens, note books and transport among others. It is asserted that project stakeholders in any project include sponsor, executive director, project manager, business analyst, team leader and team members (Lewis, 2007). 

Project description

The project to be undertaken is to examine and discover the feasibility of opening a kindergarten school in the Texas region. It has been established that project teams tries to examine different deliverables, for instance, in this project the aim is to establish and identify the gaps that exist in the region, the services that are not offered by the existing schools (Lewis, 2007). Scholars have opined that project management is a multifaceted exertion that is characterized by many activities and procedures and for that it must be guided by acceptable practices and criterions. The standard that will be used for this undertaking is borrowed from the ISO 21500:2012. It is a prerequisite as it offers guidance on the entire project management task by describing into details various facets of the project making it possible for the project team to comprehend easily. It has been alleged that using standards in project management is an indicator of success as it equips the team with the much sought for project task analysis (Lewis, 2007). 

Project objectives

The objective of this project undertaking is to examine through research the viability of opening a new kindergarten school in the Texas region and so the investigation’s final product would outline procedures and activities of opening the school. Secondly, to understand the practicality of the services to be offered and how to sustain them in the region while examining on how to launch the new school. 

Project benefits

Benefits will encompass the delivery of evidence with detailed descriptions of the education services establishment in the region. As a project manager it is important to note that before establishing the school a thorough investigation and analysis of issues must be done, this will help in gauging whether the proposed services will be relevant to the populace of the region.  Secondly, the project activity should discover the best strategies and initiatives that will be used in initiating and establishing the school by collecting different viewpoints from the surrounding community.

Project risks

Scholars have alluded to the fact that there are several risks that may impact on the project task positively or negatively. It is believed that such risks may change the final product of the project, making the project not to achieve its set goals and objectives.  It is asserted that lack of sufficient support from the executive and sponsor may disengage the different project activities (Lock, 2007). This may occur in situations where there is no harmony among the executives and cases where there are consistent conflicts among them due to the conflict of interest.

Another risk that may impact on the project task is when the estimated costs are inaccurate, it is assumed that costing is an important aspect in any project as it will have a bearing on the budget, when the costs are inaccurate to the extent of not meeting the activities then this is likely to lead to failure at the end (Lock, 2007). Third risk is when certain activities of the project are missing, it has been established that for any project, an activity must be followed or preceded by another activity. This is to mean that an activity will be heavily depend on another activity to the point of disrupting the project work if such an activity is missing.

Resistance to change is another risk, it has been ascertained that when the number of request coming into a project increases there is a tendency to distract the key project resources like finance. When it occurs it will surely affect the project negatively as the project interested parties will extricate from the management team thereby creating a project management crisis. It has been established that this ensues when the stakeholders have unrealistic and imprecise prospects of the project due to breakdown in project communications among the team and the sponsors (Lock, 2007). 

Insufficient financial a resource is another risk that may lead to the inability to satisfy certain project activities, it has been established that deficit in financial resources may reduce the authority of the team members to fully accomplish the project tasks. Insufficient funds are caused by disapprovals and red tapes of the project sponsors with the intention of not being in positions of accepting the project outcomes and products.  It has been established that risk management plans would prevent the occurrence of these risks in the project undertaking by reducing manifestation of risks in the project and delineating risks that are likely to occur in the course of undertaking the project.

Project tasks and activities

It is believed that in order to present project activities a timeline will be used to display the chronological arrangement of tasks and events (Lock, 2007). It is alleged that timelines can be envisioned and primed on the basis of phase and theme of the project. In addition, it has been established that rectilinear gauges are frequently used in planning project activities to imply a distance that can be approximated to the quantity of time needed to accomplish the specific tasks.  

The timeline for the undertaking will be in a period of four months from May to August 2016 and according to the team, this will be suffice to accomplish all the activities and to deliver the expected results of the project. The project activity will entail definition of the project that will take duration of one month; this will encompass the analysis of the requirements, feasibility studies conduction, and collection of relevant data and preparation of project proposal.

Second activity is the thorough analysis that has a schedule of one month and entails the provision of functional requirement paper, appraising the paper, finishing the project paper and reviewing the plan. The subsequent activity is strategy with a timeline of one month that entails construction of tactic document. Last is reporting that encompasses formulation of conclusions, recommendations and submission for parent management organization for action.

Project costs and expenses

It has been opined that the main aim of organizations is to cut down costs of operations while grasping maximum profits together with the costs of ancillary projects.  As pointed earlier insufficient financial resources may make a project to fail, on the same note, excess funds may lead to embezzlement, wastage and mismanagement of financial resources of the project. Projects managers and their teams are expected to drafts their own budgets to give details of the cost to be incurred in the entire project lifecycle.

 In the estimation of costs the team needs to take into consideration both the direct and indirect cost, in this project the direct cost will encompass compensations of human personnel, material costs and travel costs. Indirect costs entail costs and expenses of furniture, water, rent, electricity in addition to overheads expense under the discretion of the project team. For this project undertaking the budget and cost estimation will be as follows;


Descriptions/ Details

Budget in $

Quote 1 $

Quote 2 $

Human Resources

The project team of manager, team leader and team players




Physical Resources

Air travel fares





Accommodation: Rooms





Transport in Texas





Office Equipment




Technical resources

Laptops for each member





Mobile phones for each member





Internet Charges





Phone bills




Financial resources

Bank loan










Asset finance
















Lewis, J. P. (2007). Fundamentals of project management. New York: AMACOM Books.

Lock, D. (2007). The essentials of project management. Aldershot, Hampshire, England: Gower.

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Sample Paper on Project management

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Sample Paper on Project management

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Sample Paper on Project management

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