Sample Paper on Organizing Part (KOHLS)

  1. Functional organizational structure works in KOHLS

The KOHLS’s top management comprises the chief executive. He leads the top management. The top management comprises the Environmental vice president who is in charge of marketing, the sales vice president, and the senior marketing manager of commerce. Under the environmental vice president, there is the economic marketing analyst who is followed by the environmental director of stores and environmental director of chief planning and allocation (KOHLS, 2014).

  1. There are four levels in the organization’s hierarchy
  2. The authority is centralized
  3. Teamwork is very significant within the organization (KOHLS, 2014). This is what has made the Company rise to its present position. Sales and Marketing, analysis of the marketing, and advertisement is done in teams. These teams are structured and managed within the departments. The supervisor gives the instructions and the staff follows. As it is the culture, the staff at times groups themselves in two and markets for the company.
  4. The company must first know how many more staff they would require before the recruitment process. It advertises for vacant positions, and the applicants are later interviewed. Selection is then done on the basis of success and competence. The new staff are oriented and placed on their new positions. They are later trained on the job specifications and helped to grow to the succession of the company.
  5. Payment is done based on the skills, the job group, and the experience. The staff that is on permanent basis has the benefits of getting allowances, such as health, travel, dental, and fitness. The non-management staffs who work at the stores get bonuses of around $ 7.50 as the starting point. This is increased depending on your expertise, number of working hours, and responsibilities.
  6. The organization employs the equal opportunity and affirmative action policy.
  7. Most of the employees are first taken in as volunteers. Through this process, they get to learn the policies and the culture of the company.
  8. Performance appraisal is performed on the job skills, behavior and personality, and analysis on the training needs.
  9. The company has employed people from diverse cultures. This is to equip the staff with a rich cultural background before they meet the customers. Demographic change program helps the company to address the issue of diversity (Wentling, 2008).



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