Sample Paper on Future Advertisement for Kent State University

At the end of last year, the president of Kent State University issued a five-thronged approach of the major priorities that will be the driving force for the university’s next academic year. The five priorities were; ensuring a student’s first philosophy, enhancing Kent State’s distinctive identity, increasing our global competitiveness, leveraging Kent State’s global reach for local impact, and planning for a sustainable and vibrant future. Based on this address, it is our prerogative to create, publish, and present marketing strategies that will drive the president’s agenda for a better and successful 2015 for Kent State University.

First, one of the ideologies that we should strive to achieve is aimed at highlighting Kent State University as a globally competitive institution of higher learning. Focus on a global, rather than local audience will increase the university’s stature and appeal globally. Secondly, the university’s amenities, faculties, and researches should be accessed and understood. This information will be used to present the institutions as a university with well-established educational structures, as well as a robust, intuitive, and knowledgeable research team and facilities.

Third, the marketing of Kent State University should be structured in a manner that recognizes our top performers among the teaching and administrative staff, students, and other alumni. This will portray Kent State University as an institution capable of t provide quality education and produce the best students that are well intoned to survive in society and other core areas of employment. The achievement of all these strategies will be our guiding factor for the 2015 year, and would set a footing that will guide the future of our department and Kent State University.