Sample Paper on Coat of Arms and Values Clarification

My values help in guiding and shaping my reactions and priorities. The reactions act as my markers because they remind me when my life is not moving towards the right direction and when it is in the right direction. Five of these values are appreciation, commitment, dedication, cooperation, and courtesy.  These values are important because they have helped me to develop and grow as an individual.

The personal value system is a set of ideas and principles that guide and drive my behavior all the day. During myday-to-day activities, I exercise these values and believe that they can bring change to my life. Courtesy is a good example of a personal value that I exercise all the time. For instance, if Iam visiting somebody, I have to knock when I get close to the door and wait for the person to welcome me before getting in. accordingly, professional value system guides me when I am in my place of work. I am always committed and dedicated to my work so that I can get good results.  My commitment has enabled me acquire profits in my business. It worth mentioning that professionalism is allied to cooperation. Being cooperative on what the customers complain are and what should be changedhelps to boost businesses.

The two value systems are important in a business environment (Schlaadt 12). However, clients might have personal values that are different from my own personal values. This sometimes makes me become judgmental and sometimes force clients to make decisions that I think should be done based on my beliefs rather than working with the client’s issues. This becomes a violation of my professional values.

An example of a situation where my values were challenged is at my former employment. Mymanager main business was winning new businesses without considering the consequences and operating without a sense of integrity. Because of this, the manager overlooked on important employees and customer issues. For instance, the employees felt demotivated because they were always judged. As a result, they became competitive to each other instead of cooperating and working as a team. This compelled me to relocate and start my own business.



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