Sample Paper on Cassia Umi

Personal trainer; Health, wellness and Fitness. Owner of personal trainer Inc. in Midwestern city.

Current: Owner and personal trainer at persona trainer Inc. in Midwestern City.

Past: Personal trainer at firm’s Chicago Headquarters.  The president and heads personal trainers’ management team of the firm. Head of three management teams: Manager finance Mrs. Janet McDonald; manager sales and marketing, Mr. Tai Tranh; and operations manager Mr. Red curry.

Summary: Cassia is a hardworking lady, with many years of experience. She operates her own business as well as managing another firm known as firm Chicago Headquarters. Moreover, she is in charge of other managers and ensure smooth operation of activities within the firms.

Question two

The functions of the business started by Cassia are not very different from those of other similar businesses around. The services they offer are similar. Some of these services include the exercise equipment, a pool, and a snack bar. The firm would also sell sporting goods and offer child support. However child fitness programs are not yet available. These services are also provided online on the company database. The online support is expected to operate for 24 hours. The firm will also have registration service for members with two different levels of membership. The levels are either gold or silver. Silver m members are able to enjoy all the basic services. However, unlike the god members they will have to pay additional fees for some special services. Gold members on the other hand have unlimited access to all the services in the firm. The processes of each function are defined by a proper organizational structure and clear plans on how the facility would be run.  The first step is defining the functions of each operations.

Question three

There is great need for personal trainers to consider systems such as transaction processing, business support, knowledge management and user productivity. Despite the fact that personal training focusses on providing quality services to client, the ultimate aim is to make profits. In order to be able to make profits personal trainers have to employ the services of business support. With these they would have expertise on how to charge their services and what not to include so as to realize profits. Knowledge management programs would equip the trainers with various trends in the world today and how to adjust to various trends in the fitness center. Similarly, transaction processes would be of great help during exchange of money especially when dealing with foreign guests.

Question four

Personal trainers will have lots of opportunities for business to business transactions. For all fitness equipment, they would need a supplier. The supplier would have to be a well-established and trusted business with experience in suppliers. Other suppliers would have opportunities to bring snacks and other food products. In a nut shell, personal training would offer a sale opportunity for business to business transactions. Business that offer support services in terms of servicing of equipment and continuous maintenances will also have a door of business open to them. Business to consumers’ transactions will not be left out. Hundreds of people would be streaming in to get training on how on to be fit. Some would be earning commissions by referring their friends, workmates and neighbors to the fitness center. This would be a whole door of business opportunity open to all.