Sample Management Essay Paper on Business and Leisure Events

Business event is any public undertaking consisting of 15 people and above bearing
common interest. The event should be held in a particular venue planned by an organization.
Most business events are designed by the organization for communicating important messages to
the interested parties. They can also be used to promote a company product, educate people or as
a way of generating the required resources. Therefore, there exist different types of business
events that are mainly classified into four categories.
The most common business event is meetings that comprise of gatherings of more than
15 people with a common agenda in a commercial venue (Davidson & Rogers, 2012). Meetings
help people share information through face-to-face interaction or use of videoconference
technology. Meeting can range from board meetings, investigative meetings or management
meetings, which have different purposes to achieve. For example, the board meeting brings the
board of directors together while the managers of the organization attend management meeting.
Another type of a business event is the incentive forums. These are programs organized
by companies to allow high achievers a chance to motivate the participants of the event. It can
also be used to introduce new products to the key stakeholders in the organization. The key
players in the organization need to be convinced about the numerous benefits they will get from
the introduction of a new product (Davidson & Rogers, 2012). These events are organized in
sectors that are very competitive to reward the employees for attaining the set targets.
The third main business event is conventions that attract international visitors from all
over the world. During these events, the organizers make intensive exhibition of their products
and services for the participants to view (Davidson & Rogers, 2012). Trade conventions focus on

a certain industry whereby they invite keynote speakers to make their presentations with the aim
of educating attendees. In international conventions such as the Washington Convention on
World Energy, the invited nations send their delegates to represent the country in the forum.
Leisure events provide an avenue for people to engage on voluntary activities when they
are free from their routine jobs. The participants in these events enjoy leisure satisfaction derived
from the leisure activities. Participation in leisure events is closely related to good health of the
individual. Therefore, doctors recommend patients with physical health complications such as
obesity, blood pressure or heart related ailments to frequently participate in leisure activities.
There are various types of leisure events that are undertaken on routine basis.
Sporting events can serve as leisure event in many communities that value physical
fitness. Participation in sports for leisure purposes is very common in developed countries
whereby the people live quality lifestyles (Getz, 2014). Winter sports such as Ice Skating and
Snowshoeing are very interesting to the young people who undertake them during holidays when
they are out of school. It creates fun, promotes fitness as well as promoting social integration
among people with diverse cultures.
Health walks are organized by institutions to enable people maintain good health and
create forums for socializing (Getz, 2014). Most of the health walk events occur in cities or parks
thus giving the participants a rare chance to explore the beautiful nature with friends while
keeping fit. Despite the intention to provide leisure satisfaction, these events can be used to raise
resources to fund a particular program. For example, charity walks may be organized to raise
funds for helping the needy in developing countries.

Entertainment is another example of leisure event in many communities. Entertainment
can be in form of music, theater shows or movie nights. They serve the purpose of refreshing the
body especially after tedious work (Getz, 2014). It is interesting how people value entertainment
activities however, it may become addictive leading to waste of time and resources. Many
organizations plan for entertainment events as come together forums, which brings together all
the personnel in the organization.
Business events are mainly meant for business purposes to represent the organization
while leisure events are meant for the purposes of attaining pleasure. Therefore, the principal
motivator towards attending business events is the business activity undertaken in the event such
as convention or a formal meeting. In contrary, the principal motivator of leisure events is the
desire to explore other places and experience pleasure.
Leisure events are mainly organized on family basis while business events are organized
on corporate basis (Business Events Council of Australia, 2011). Leisure events allow family
members or close friends to participate in common activity with the intention of attaining
pleasure. Business events bring together all the stakeholders in an organization to share
information and discuss critical issues. Generally, leisure events tend to be more informal while
business events appear to be more formal.
Business events are arranged as a group meaning that the entire organization is involved
in the arrangements. For example, in international conventions the organization arranges for all
the requirements such as dining, lodging and transport on behalf of the representatives chosen. In
leisure events, individual arrangements can be made because the participants need personalized

services to meet their desires. The individual selects the various provisions in the event
according to his preferences.
Despite the many differences between business and leisure events, there exist some
similarities between the two events. Both events require prior planning and organization in order
for them to be successful. The organizers and participants in these events are required to be fully
prepared to participate in them. Secondly, both events need funding from both the participants
and the organizers. However, business events need more money to organize than the leisure
events, which have small budget,



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