Sample Management Essay Paper on Quality Programs

A short term actions taken by an organization through quality assurance is referred as quality
program. Quality programs guarantees quality goods and services that will meet and exceed
customer expectations. It is thus necessary for a company to implement programs that ensures
quality of goods and services so as to gain a competitive advantage. The paper will discuss the
most popular and generally accepted quality programs that can be implemented in any given
company and give out results. These programs are internal quality program, outsourced quality
programs and the pro-sourced quality program.
Internal quality programs is established to analytically monitor and assess the quality and
stability of products and services process so as to ensure that all the products are of good quality.
The design and continual improvement of the process helps to improve and maintain the
reliability of the products. The operating process in any company should be particular and clear
to capture all the details concerning the quality assurance process.
Outsoursing quality program is established when monitoring