Sample Management Essay Paper on Healthcare Organization

Accreditation refers to the process through which an healthcare organization are
recognized as a body that meets the pre-determined and applicable standards of healthcare. it is a
voluntary program in which peer reviewers assess how a particular organization works and
complies with the established performance standards. Accreditation is a process that served to
improve the quality of care provided by the healthcare facility.
I agree at Anthony Lombardi's statement that the willingness to be evaluated voluntarily
reflects a hospital's commitment to excellence in the provision of patient care services. Since the
accreditation process is a voluntary one, a healthcare facility that chooses to go through the
process is one that is seeking to ensure that its services are improved. allowing the presence of
external peer reviewers into a healthcare facility shown the management's commitment to learn
and ensure that its processes and procedures meet the set quality standards. Submitting the
facility to the criticisms of other healthcare professionals serves to ensure that there are experts
who can looked through the operating standards of the hospitals and provide the management
with proper direction on what it can change to improve its healthcare standards and patient
There are multiple differences between an accredited hospital and one that is not. One of
the main differences between the two facilities is the cost of the services it provides to the
patients. An accredited facility tends to cost more than a non-accredited facility. This is because
accredited facilities tend to have gone through the process of changing their procedures and
standards of operation, to ensure better service to their patients (Reisi et al., 2019). The changes
made tend to result in the facility purchasing better equipment and hiring more staff members to
ensure that it corresponds to the pre-establishes standards of healthcare standards.

Another difference is that the accredited organization tends to have better patient
outcomes than the non-accredited. Since the accredited facility has had its processes and
procedures assessed by external healthcare experts, the management has learned about the things
it needs to change to offer better services and healthcare to its patients. Learning about the
processes that are not working for the facility better enables it to make the necessary changes and
hence meet its main objective of providing quality healthcare services.
The third difference is that accredited facilities tend to have better communication and
staff empowerment as compare to a non-accredited facility. One of the aspects that the process of
accreditation focuses on is staff improvement across the organization (Tal & Rassin, 2018).
Accredited facilities ensure that their staff members are well equipped to perform their
responsibilities in the organization. They ensure that the staff has the proper training and access
to the needed equipment to give the best possible service to the patients that seek the services of
the facility. Having a professional workforce ensures that the facility can provide essential
services to its patients.
The accreditation process is one that focuses on ensuring that a healthcare facility
improves its operating processes and procedures. It is a process that ensures that the facilities that
go through it can improve their processes and procedures, and hence achieve their main objective
of providing better care to the patients that seek their services. The accreditation process is
essential because it focuses on improving healthcare facilities and offering the best possible
services to those who need them.



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