Sample Essay Paper on Kitchen

Review kitchen AM shift opening procedures.*

The managing Director and entire management crew arrives approximately one hour before official opening of the restaurant. Locks are checked and the premises opened in the presence of all crew. All windows and doors are checked and confirmed. The managing director and other leading figures for instance the Head chef prepares the day’s schedules. Computers are put on, air conditioner turned on, music, television set. After all is set and the cooks stationed in their respective areas of work, the main doors are then opened for the public.

  1. Explain the kitchen layout design including its different stations (cold/ hot/ bakery etc.)

As a commercial kitchen, the restaurant’s main cooking are is large, spacious, and well designed to enable for ease of movement and cooking. It comprises of heavy duty cooking equipment’s such as the dishwasher, refrigerator, cutting paraphernalia, and resting area designed for the cooks. The figure below shows the typical design layout of the restaurant. Given that it caters for a large number of customers, the kitchen area is large enough for additional cooking apparatus.

  1. Does this operation use standardized recipes If so where can they be found in the production area?

The use of standardized recipes aims at establishing consistency in the food the restaurant prepares for its customers. Over the years, the restaurant has specialized in traditional Chinese foods such as “Fried Mashi”, BBQ Meat, Stinky Tofu, and Dumplings among other traditional foods. In the production area, the recipes are found in a location that allows the customers to access them easily.

  1. Explain the procedure for preserving left overs and their proper storage
  • The first step is to cook them safely in a controlled area of stable temperature. For example, ground meat needs an internal heat of about 10600
  • After cooking the food safely, keep it at a hot temperature over 1400 Cold perishable foods should be stored at temperatures below 400F. Any cold leftover that has been out for more than two hours should be discarded.
  • The leftovers should then be wrapped well and stored in containers to keep bacteria away.
  • They should then be stored safely in the refrigerator or frozen for a period of between three to four months.
  • The leftovers should be reheated occasionally and then frozen.
  1. List three 3 main duties of the Head Chef
  • Creating new recipes and Dishes
  • Overall responsibility for the tasks in the kitchen
  • Food orders and deliveries
  1. Review kitchen PM shift closingprocedures.*
  • Close all books of accounts.
  • Lit all security bulbs/lights both in the parking lot and the surrounding area
  • Check all rooms
  • Put all reports, monies, and receipts in the safe
  • Put off all lights after all customers are out
  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Ensure all locks are in place then leave the building as the main door is closed.