Sample Essay on Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Strategic management is the comprehensive organization of ongoing activities used simultaneously to coordinate and align resources and actions so as to realize set mission, vision and strategy in a systematic way(Sadler, 2003). In our day to day lives there are many decisions that we make that reflect how good or how bad we are at organization. Resources at our disposal require management so that they can yield maximum utilities. This however requires careful allocation of them all so that we end up with a well-rounded outcome.

Through strategic management one gets exposure, versatility and skills to tackle different issues at a wider scale hence increase the career environment and options it also helps one access his or her strength and weaknesses, this will make you plan for predictable and unforeseen contingencies.

Basic financial planning helps one as a company owner budget for company expenditure hence creating great support in growth on the company through the creation of growth targets and productivity hence helping one attain sustainable competitive advantage .

Strategic planning helps in understanding of the business market improving productivity. This is because all resources are put to the right use depending on the market demands hence they yield maximum.  At my work place I take an extra training for the managerial position. This earns extra money and extra skills that put me on a better competitive edge with the fellow workers. In the future turn of events a better career is promising. This is a self-motivating way to better myself and want more than mediocre lifestyle.It is the desire of every individual to have an image in the society(Sadler, 2003). With a well laid strategic plan, the societyhas greater chances of growth.  Giving back to the society enables an individual make the necessary changes that maybe valuable to the society at large.

Decisions that are reliable are made by individuals who are well organized. Reliability is a very key requirement that enable thriving in business sector. Often in accounting the balances do not add up mainly because of disorganization. This has cost many people and organizations their jobs. Well laid priorities are easier to implement as they aim at achieving the ultimate goal set. Some decisions have long term effects that are why it is necessary to be clear on a plan(Sadler, 2003).

A more flexible individual stand a better chance for stability. This is because they are not fixated on one idea but they have an alternative to look up to if their original plan fails. Being in control of one’s life gives freedom to plan ahead without a plan one is faced with a panic situation that leads to total breakdown and disappointment. It keeps an individual always at a step ahead of competition.Planning create an integrated approach to handling issues that one may face. It basically leads to the idea of having different ways of accomplishing a task regardless of any shortcomings that may befall. Unity in ideas and organization of activities ensure things in career run at an upgrading manner(Sadler, 2003). With planning comes evaluation and control. Evaluation helps show the progress of the individual in their career and also at the total well-being. All these put together drive at achievement of the desired results.



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