Sample Essay on Social Media

Social Media

According to this article, the main message being delivered is the importance of social media platforms among teenagers in Atlanta. It looks at how teenagers would feel when they are cut from social media. From the various research carried out, most teenagers allude that social media platforms allow them to interact with people on an online basis (Pratt, 2015). It enables them to connect to everybody more so friends in schools. Others feel that these social platforms allow them to express themselves and post about their whereabouts.

Awful, purpose, being cut off, and social media constitute some of the main words emphasized in this article. For example, the teenagers are specifically asked their reactions if at all social media were cut from their lives. In response to this, the teenagers feel upset, frustrated and awful if social media was cut from them. Most teenagers feel without social media they have nothing to do or talk to (Pratt, 2015). As such, this framing can be considered as mostly directed to the teachers and parents of these teenagers. Additionally, this framing could also suit researchers interested in understanding teenage needs. For example, most teenagers feel that parents do not understand the importance of social platforms because they did not have such technological advancements when growing up (Pratt, 2015). As such, parents would receive this framing worst because they do know the importance of social media.

This framing only relies on the importance of social on teenagers. Hence, it only provides the views of teenagers and not parents or teachers. For example, the framing could be ‘social media: teenagers, parents and teachers involvement’.This statement could incorporate all the views of involved parties in addressing the social media issue. As such, it would address on both the positive and negative effects of social media. Therefore, it would not rely on one party as seen in this article.




Pratt, S. (2015, October 2). Teens on social media: Being cut off is ‘awful’.