Sample Essay on Securitas Security: Solution Identification

According to Nutt (1993), solution identification refers to the process through which an organization or a business identifies the problems affecting its progress towards achieving some of the stated goals. Along this line of thinking, Nutt (1993) also believes that other than identifying the problems, solution identification extends to determining the means through which these problems can be normalize to allow for continued growth. Therefore, solution identification is an important step in the overall turnaround of Securitas Security. This study outlines some of the suggested solutions that can be implemented by the organizational management in order to improve the performance of employees in Securitas Security. The paper is structured into two subsections including gap analysis, priorities and importance.

Gap Analysis


Currently, Securitas Security faces high employee turnover and as a result interfering with the information gap within its employment structure. The main concern of employees, however, is that the management does not provide necessary information to facilitate the recruitment process. Similarly, the information available to the employees contradicts the company’s overall working conditions. For example, male employees accuse the company’s management of biasness when it comes to gender issues, specifically in matters pertaining to leaves.


Any management that aims at doing well in any given business must prioritize on the employee’s needs. This means treating all the employees equal and without being biased based on gender (Porto, 1998). Leaf normally emerges as an issue when organizations observe work-life balance. Some of the contentious areas include leaf issuance, whether there is sufficient workforce in place to act on capacity of individuals in outside work, and real or perceived unfairness about leave provisions in the organization.

A number of strategies can be used by the company management to address the above issues. For example, developing clear and transparent principles for approving leaves, developing up to date protocols that can be followed while applying for leaves, improving the company’s documentation so that people can be available to continue with the company’s activities, and liaising with employees to discuss the dynamics of the work and the time when the work would require that leave be granted only on emergency cases.

Priorities and importance

In order to accomplish the desired situation, Securitas Security management should make decisions after seriously scrutinizing the cost effectiveness, legal mandate, executive pressure, and customers’ needs. Delivering effective services to meet the needs of the clients within the budget is a top priority to the company (Porto, 1998).The management should ensure that the employees are motivated, committed, and act as informed teams with the aims of meeting job requirements (Nutt, 1993). For this reason, company must put employees’ coordination and teamwork as one of the top priorities. Privileges offered to the employees such as leaves should be contracted with fairness and equality to avoid discrimination based on sex (Askehave & Swales, 2001). To turn around the situation, Securitas Security management should work towards eliminating all the difficulties that may hinder the company’s progress. The security management should, therefore, implement the following solutions:

  • The employees feel undervalued and demoralized because the management does not look into their plight. To counter this problem, the management should start viewing their employees as important components of the organization, and listen to issues raised by employees and implement them. Through this approach, the management gets the opportunity to design programs that will allow for the achievement of the cooperate goal (Askehave & Swales 2001).
  • The management can as well organize meetings, Annual General Meetings, to share ideas and listen to the plight of their workers.
  • Additionally, Securitas Security should introduce incentives such as monetary awards and other forms of awards to appreciate exceptionally performing workers.

The problems at Securitas Security can be addressed through strategic human resource plans; plans that should prioritize on employees in every activity of the organization (Porto, 1998). The supposed communication gaps during the employment process should be bridged by holding numerous open meetings with the employees, listening to issues raised by employees, and developing proposals to eliminate some of the problems encountered. Studies show that managers who know their employees and appreciate their efforts reduce turnover intentions within the workforce.


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