Sample Essay on Leadership Management

Approaches used in project management enable companies or organizations to complete projects efficiently by addressing external and internal constraints or situations. As a project manager responsible for multiple international projects, the various approaches that can be used include: event chain methodology, critical chain and extreme project management approaches (Project Manage Soft, 2012). The critical chain approach emphasizes on the usage of resources efficiently such as data to remove constraints. For example, if commodity productivity is an anticipated concern, the actual time spent by team members should be tracked. This methodology is therefore, useful in providing timely and quality deliverables. Event chain method is concerned with analysis of unforeseen chain of events. This means that a single limitation can lead to several limitations that will in turn impede a project. For example, if time is a determinant factor in the marketing department, failure to critically considers this factor will have negative impacts on the other marketing branches.

Extreme management project on the other hand is suitable for complex and dynamic situations like the changing customer needs (Project Manage Soft, 2012). This methodology modifies plans based on the current available information. For example, changing customer needs in the phone industry must be adhered to in relation to current user preferences. Lack of proper communication is one of the common project management issues. Since communication is fundamental for the success of any project, scheduling specific times and days with team members enables uniformity of shared or required project information (Schiff, 2012). Lack of flexibility is also another issue that can be solved regular review of the overall project, making necessary changes and embracing new suggestions from team members. Furthermore, experience, reliability, trustworthiness, flexibility and innovativeness are some of the qualities that can be considered when hiring team members. For instance, an experienced and innovative member would inject new ideas into the project.


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