Sample Essay on Group Process

My group was tackling the Nike Project. This project required the group to tackle key issues about the organization. These issues include factors that ensure development and change of the organization, thorough analysis of interventions implemented to ensure organisational development, roles of Human Resource development practices, and measurement systems used in the organisation. The success of this project was as a result of great cooperation that was portrayed by all the members in the group. The group members’ names are as follows: Turki Baghlaf, Nathan Crowley, Eric Williams and Mohammed Al Tamimi. Ideally, we worked as a team through equal sharing of the work to every member and everyone ensured that the task assigned to him was done with the seriousness it demanded. After every member gathered sufficient information on a particular topic, we met to evaluate and weigh out the best material to come up with one project about Nike Company. After combining our research, we worked on a Power Point that could assist in making presentation.

I was handling Organizational Development as my basic assignment in the team. This task required thorough research on the companies profile in order to understand the development strategies used in the company. In order to ensure that our project was thorough, every member was required to offer the best in the area of his/her research. This required that we invest a lot of time in the project in order to come up with a good project.

The only challenge of working in a group is that decision making takes a lot of time because every member gives out his/her opinion, which is weighed by other members before implementation. However, it was quite encouraging working with others because we helped one another in working on the project successfully.