Sample Essay on Discussion Board Questions

Part 1

In the next 10 years, I shall have achieved much success as well as gained experience as an accountant. I am also looking forward to numerous accomplishments including improving the financial accountability and transparency in business management. Even though I am working as a payroll accountant, I focus on growing my supervisory skills and requirements with the view of improving performance of the accounting process. My role in the company also requires me to interact with the human resources department to improve the processing of the salaries and wages of the employees.

We will have built a strong foundation and operations platform to promote the employees relations. For instance, the firm will have created performance management systems and structures including monitoring and assessing approach for the employees. This helps to ensure that the employees meet their individual performance targets. I think the organization shall have adopted technological processes to automate the payroll accounting processes. The implementation of technology helps in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the various payroll accounting systems.

In the coming years, the company will provide quality and offer timely services to the clients and will be the company of choice for most clients. Proper remuneration and training of employees will have equipped the employees with the required skills and experience to produce quality products and services.

The company will take part in various initiatives to support appropriate community programs. These include offering sponsorships and scholarships to education and sports activities in primary schools and other higher institutions of learning. From the video, I have learnt strategies that will help me broaden my expertise and skills in accounting for the employee’s payments. This expertise will make employees feel part of the company through the various human resource planning approaches and motivation systems that I will implement.

My performance in the organization is driven by my desire to promote the productivity and performance of the organization. I also enjoy my career, which forms an important element of improving my performance and contributions to the success of the organization.

I observed some of the top attributes exhibited by top employees on a daily basis  including problem solving, effective communication, interpersonal relationship abilities, analytical skills, leadership skills, and the decision making abilities.


Part 2

What matters most in the organization is collaboration between employees to achieve the overall goals and visions of the organization. Apart from performance, an employee must demonstrate their desire and commitment to work in the organization. Employee desires and commitment to perform better are important elements in supporting their abilities in the organization.

In terms of the values and behaviors, the five values that will drive my organization to meet its vision include integrity, commitment, honesty, ethical responsibility, and focus.  These values are necessary towards promoting performance.

The behaviors aligned to the five values are critical in enhance the performance of the organizational team. Integrity will enhance compliance and effective monitoring of the employees. I also think commitment will include the efforts made by employees to support performance. Honesty emphasizes on improving trust among the various stakeholders in the company. I appreciate the need for ethical responsibility that enhances compliance with the community values. Finally, focus highlights the sense of direction needed to promote and align ourselves with the mission and visions of the organization.