Sample Essay on Burger king and Ford

Burger king is in talks with a Canadian fast food chain company called Tim Horton’s. The two companies want to merge and form the third biggest fast food chain company in the world. The merger will have Burger King getting incorporated in Canada, which will result in savings from taxes imposed in the United States. Many politicians and US citizen have condemned the move claiming that it hurts the economy of the United States (Mider par 4). While it might not appear right for Burger King to change its corporate residence to Canada, it is perfectly legal. This will change the way that this firm operates, because it will now be subject to new laws of Canada. It will be in a position to save on taxes charged from foreign income, and that will be a boost for the shareholders.

Ford had been experiencing internal divisions before the current CEO, Allan Mullaly took over. Divisions were rife in the senior management where the management leaders were out to preserve themselves and put others down. He found a company where the board meetings could be likened to a battlefield. Mullaly came and forced them to work as a team and view each other in a positive light by refraining from blame or making excuses (HOFFMAN par 2). He encouraged them to attend executive meetings on a weekly basis, during which the progress in each of the departments lead by the managers was checked against the goals that had been set by the group. The regional branches of the company that were located overseas were consolidated with the one in North America in order to make it easier to synchronize the activities of the company. The cordial relationship intended among the members of the management is expected to trickle down to the workers.

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