Sample Essay on Becoming an outstanding multicultural manager

One of the things that an individual can apply to become a better multicultural educator/manager concerns teaching critical multicultural issues like racism and poverty. Many people still hold stereotypes and label others as racists, while others practice racism in their systems. To avoid and prevent such social constructions, I would engage all stakeholders in educating them on the importance of living together irrespective of their different backgrounds. At the same time, to avoid bias, I would build relationships/coalitions with educators who come from backgrounds different from mine. These would be important as they would help to bring closeness and understanding among people from different ethnic backgrounds. Through such coalitions, diverse experiences could be vital in problem solving.

Improving skills as a facilitator would be important in solving problems in the workplace and in the classroom. Many a time, conflicts arise, and without the necessary skills and exposures, it would be difficult to make authentic decisions. To ensure that there is a cordial relationship between the students, I would offer an integrated multicultural curriculum so that stakeholders can learn the importance of maintaining harmony with their peers. Multicultural education would also help in identifying different cultures and ways of adapting them. During the classroom discussion periods, I would encourage the students to ask critical questions on information that they think is contentious. This would help them to learn more, understand more, and be critical in thinking. Finally, among the many things that I would do to become an outstanding multicultural manager would be to ensure that students from the disenfranchised communities are not treated unequally or positioned in lower academic tracks unjustly; I would encourage them to fight for their rights. This would prove that I am unbiased; I would stand for the rights of all