Sample Essay on 7 Steps to Strengthen Relationship with the Sponsor

In any project, the project manager is expected to work closely with the sponsors to ensure that the objectives of the project team are met. It therefore means that the project manager must learn some basic steps in ensuring that the relationship between him and the sponsor is strong.

  1. Talk Early and More Often

The Project manager should meet the sponsor early before the start of the project. On a personal project, I would be expected to arrange for an early meeting with the sponsor so that we can work out the basics of the project and discuss our roles and responsibilities.[1]

  1. Personalize the Relationship

This would involve discussing things of interest to the sponsor. We would discuss hobbies, interests, and family issues to give us more connections apart from the project

  1. Building the Team Together

As a project manager, I would urge my sponsor to work with me on selecting the project team. Every team member should be agreed on by the two of us. This is important because the team would feel they should be loyal equally to both of us.


  1. Avoid Technical Terms

It would be recommendable to learn the language used in the context of the project. There should never be use of jargon; simple language should be used so that nobody feels left out. In case of language problem on the part of any member, he or she would be oriented on the language terms of the project.

  1. Share Jobs and Advices

Nobody should feel that he/she could work independently. As a project manager, I would involve the sponsor in any decision I make and urge him to do the same.

  1. Always be Honest

Projects may be affected by the ever-changing working environment. When this happens, I would be honest and inform the sponsor about the changes.[2]

  1. Remain In Your Lane

After the roles, responsibilities, and boundaries have been outlined, there should not be any issues arising between the project manager and sponsor. I would therefore focus on doing my part, work closely with others, and develop trust with the sponsor.


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