Sample Dissertation Chapter Paper on Cure MD Software

Executive Summary

Cure MD software rates higher compared to other medical software in the market and most of the users confess that the software has brought about a lot of efficiency in the medical sector. Cure MD software has achieved its purpose of being the most preferred medical software as it has helped the patients, medical staff and insurance companies manage their affairs more effectively(“Electronic medical records”). The features of the software such as billing and scheduling have created an immense impact on the users and all the parties involved.

The medical software is flexible to accommodate the needs of both small and large medical facilities. It has helped users to simplify documentation processes as well as the general management of health facilities (“Electronic medical records”). It has enabled patients to set their own appointments, check their test results online and send messages to the healthcare practitioners and this has helped both the doctors and patients save time. Lastly, the software has helped health facilities maximize losses that health facilities incur due to technical and human errors. It would be recommended for any facility, which wishes to improve its service delivery and patient’s experience.


The cure MD software has improved healthcare delivery largely and any health facility would benefit from the use of it, despite the size. The reviews have given clear picture of the end-users ‘experience and most of the users interviewed agree that the software is one of the best the medical practice has had so far. However, the few negative response from the users should be improved upon to ensure that the software is perfect and guarantees total satisfaction to its users. The gliches, technical support, and the cost should all be considered during the upgrade.

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