Sample Coursework Paper on the Royal Treatment

In terms of the generous packages available at SAS, it brings the impression that SAS is more than an industry in terms of benefits. When Goodnight says that the company cares about employees and customer, he means it. The consistent in revenue growth for the last 26 years is gained through the committed loyalty of the organization to its clients. A strong loyalty keeps pulling new customers. The company’s central strategy of retaining people helps in generating its benefits policy and produces favorable outcomes.

There are several aspects of the business that defines the culture of SAS, hence creating a good relationship with the customers. SAS’s operations are based on ‘passion with a purpose.’ The company absorbs fresh blood from centers of higher learning, empowering and transforming them into professional leaders.

Trust is a core value at SAS that defines her culture of operations. A good partnership between the employees and management simplifies the operations, adding to the creative approaches of offering benefits to the customers. Moreover, an efficient and reliable top –down support is an essential strategy that perpetuates a stable and predictable revenue base for the organization.

The growth of SAS is energized by strategic investment programs that focus on improving the skills of the workers as well as professional training for the customers, who are future and potential leaders at SAS and other corporations. These activities are supported by the innovation of advanced software that makes different operations achievable. The SAS atmosphere and its environment are bait to vendors from various parts of the world. For instance, the SAS environment offers beautiful vacation zones, alternative therapies that keep the customers relaxed and healthy, solid disability plans, children training programs and reliable retirement plans. The focus on fitness encourages a healthy community while giving passion in giving education helps in sharpening minds for a bright future.