Sample Coursework Paper on Peace Domestic Violence Agency

Communities around the country face with various challenges that relate to domestic violence, child assault/abuse, youth duress among the others. Portland City is no exception and has experienced such incidences over the recent past. In this regard, agencies that promote peace and ensure that the above mentioned inhuman acts are considerably reduced go a long way to promote the well-being of people in the society (Poitras, 2009). As such, setting proper goals and objectives would ensure that individuals’ lives in the community are significantly improved.

The agency’s main goal is to considerably reduce violence, abuse, and assault among children, families, men, women, and youth in Portland City. Education is the main tool that will be used in order to achieve this aim. This will involve teaching the society on the importance of living peacefully and condoning public beliefs that perpetuate violence. For example, advocating for a dialogue or use of counselors among quarrelling spouses would be a significant way to solve domestic disputes. In this regard, the educational programs will be offered on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the funds available.

Various objectives will also be used in order to achieve the intended goal. Firstly, the organization aims at reducing stress related issues within the shortest time possible. This will involve addressing domestic incidences such as child assault. The use of cognitive measures and counseling sessions will ensure small ones recover quickly. For extreme cases, children may be placed in foster care centers for some time until they recuperate. This will be achieved through permission of parents and assistance of professional counselors.

Secondly, empowering survivors of violence, abuse, or assault through the use of various avenues will be a critical objective. For example, young victims will be given the opportunity to improve the quality of their lives by being organized for training programs. As such, the willing ones will specialize in their areas of interest and achieve their dreams. In addition, unemployed men and women will be offered capital to establish their own businesses. Such measures will ensure that survivors have second chances to build their future.

Thirdly, the agency aims at ensuring full recovery of the affected by such incidences within stipulated time periods such as one year. The objective will help avoid cases of relapse. The agency will be monitoring the progress of victims to ensure that same offenses are not committed. This will be achieved through the use of awareness and sensitization programs. The victims will be invited for awareness programs every two to three months in order to assess their status. This will give the agency confidence to realize its goal.

Fourthly, promoting the general wellbeing of all Portland City community members will serve as another objective. This will be done by offering peace forums from time to time. Teaching ethical norms amongst each other ensures that all people follow the right path (Resnik, 2016). As such, individuals will co-exist for purposes of life improvement. Additionally, able people may provide financial or emotional support for those in need.

Considering the above discussed goal and objectives, violence, assault, and abuse would be greatly reduced or eliminated in the city. For example, empowerment will ensure victims improve their lives through training programs. Additionally, funding opportunities will be critical to guarantee these objectives and goals are met. As such, victims will be able to live successfully and build their future.






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