Sample Research Paper aSample Case Study Paper on the Solidarity Fund and Gildan Activewearon Honey and Oral Health

The evidence in the case does not portray the company as socially responsible. This is despite its accolade in the 2003 annual report for providing jobs in a country that had for long been characterized by rampant unemployment. The jobs were well paying with attractive benefits and with the company’s environmental achievements, there were increased concerns and criticisms from NGOs and activists. The company was against the labor union formation which demonstrated that it was against their employees being in a collaborative force that would air their grievances in terms of work condition and wage increments (Mirvis&Philip pg.160). Despite the findings by independent investigators that the company reasons for firing of its employees were not worthwhile and the evidence found that in deed the workers were fired as result of trying to form a union, the company could not reinstate them(Crowther, David, and Güler Aras pg.26) . This indicates that it was reaping enormously from cheap and available labor in the market thus making enormous profits which were never reflected in the workers payroll. It was taking the advantage of the high rate of unemployment in the region.

The production system in the company’s factories was one regulated by the employees, where the workers were paid based on the productivity of the team was unacceptable. This would result into conflicts among the employees when one would be given a red flag by his colleagues. The solidarity Fund team being requested to do an investigation on the company, where it was a major stakeholder would still represent a biased report.

The company further did not cater for its suppliers. The dilapidated facilities and substandard working conditions in this plants and the modern buildings equipped with up to date machinery of the company clearly points that the company had no third party considerations despite having dealings with them. They would have contributed to the welfare of their suppliers by offering technical and financial support rather than terminating business with them.

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