Sample Case Study Paper on Productive Rivalry

Sandy’s Competitive Spirit vis-a-vis Robert and Jamie

Ingrained on the various tasks assigned to the team members in the production of new and used car loan promotion for the regional bank client, the competitive spirit helped shape and drive the team members towards attaining the team objectives. Competitive spirit as elaborated by Bartol (2013) helps increase the capacity, innovation potential, and efficiency. Sandy had a duty of producing in-house collateral while Robert and Jamie were charged with the duty of developing the television and outdoor elements. Robert and Jamie version of the creative was highly credited while Sandy’s idea of new car promo that originated from the brainstorming session enabled the regional bank positioned as a leader and innovator.

The client liked the smart campaign carried out by Robert and Jamie but loved Sandy’s work. The fact that Sandy allowed Robert and Jamie to take some ideas from Sandy’s group and develop honed TV spots demonstrates Sandy to be a leader. Thus, leaders who rise through the ranks empower his rivals in the competitive spirit platform.

Sandy’s ability to empower others and bring out the best in them

Sandy has empowered groups members and brought the best out of them. As demonstrated in their work, his group was visionary and had a whole picture of the idea that went beyond short-term loans sessions. Sandy embraces team spirit and works towards bringing the best out them through visionary leadership that is embedded in the whole picture of the objectives.

How Sandy will perform in a leadership role, if he has no one to compete with

Sandy is self-driven, focused to the whole picture, consistent, and works towards meeting quality standards as demonstrated in her ability to lead his team in positioning the bank as a leader and innovator of the region. Based on the cited scenario, Sandy will still perform his leadership role to perfection even if he has no one to compete with.


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