Sample Case Study Paper on Patagonia Case

Since its establishment, Patagonia executives have proved that it is the most successful clothing firm that is committed to ensuring environmental sustainability. The executives strives to make sure that the company’s products meet their customers’ expectations. The practice in Patagonia is a clear indication of Chouinard’s principles and persistence on reducing environmental effects, at the expense of the firm’s profits. For the CEO, it is rather good not to manufacture products that cause harm to the environment with the aim of maximizing profits. Morals of environmental consciousness guide the executives. Most importantly, Patagonia is performance-oriented through high-quality clothes. The managers ensure that their clothes are comfortable, durable, and, sustainably produced even though they may seem expensive. Evidently, the company CEO is a risk taker and always right by ensuring that customers get the best while considering quality and environmental concerns at a higher price.

In evaluating Patagonia on proposed hiking boots, I will look at the environmental outcomes as a result of the manufacture. This is to look whether the proposed product will have any negative impact on either the environment all customers when it does not meet the quality standards. As well, the evaluation will look at what opportunities will the new product create regarding jobs to the community. Through this assessment, one can tell whether Patagonia is keen to embrace the sustainability mission.


            YvonChouinard managed to influence the way Patagonia approaches the sustainability issue. His values were firm in ensuring that the company operations must be environmentally friendly. And, for the many years, he served as the CEO, Patagonia had no issue related sustainability. He is well remembered for his quote that whatever the business does is not handout nor charity. In this, he means that everything done to impact the environment and other people positively is the best course of the company’s objectives. Chouinard managed to motivate volunteers to give support to the sustainability cause. For instance, workers could leave the company and participate in environmental wellness and yet receive their full salary. Indeed this reveals that the core founder was real committed to the environmental cause.

             Now a big challenge lies on the current executives of Patagonia. Chouinard did set environmental goals which the company should embrace in case it has to maintain the positive image. To make Chouinard’s environmental visions a success, the executives should first embrace environmental sustainability as a top priority. His ideas should form part of the company’s culture by involving stakeholders in leadership training as well as advocating for environmental wellness. Through this, the company can still manage to realize profits since it will be known for adhering to quality and environmental concerns.


In the case I am one of the employees in Patagonia, I would contribute positively to adding value to the sustainability agenda. Firstly, I would propose that the company involves other like-minded stakeholders advocating for the sustainability issue. For instance partnering with environmental organizations would be a better way realizing the environmental goals. Secondly, is to introduce a sustainability program course as a mandatory to all staff members. This will help in preparing them on what the organization stands for.


As much as Patagonia is in the lead ensuring environmental sustainability, it is important to evaluate their prices. The company should not use sustainability as a riding wheel to charge exorbitant prices. It should rather get involved in many other social corporate responsibility like sports, charity activities for the less fortunate. This will be great in countering competition from firms offer products at lower prices while addressing corporate social responsibility issues. So far Patagonia is a role model for many businesses, but it should do better by reviewing the best interests of their customers.