Sample Capstone Project Paper on Use of power and interest grid tool

In any project, there are essential tools that can be applied to bring success to your project or even correct inefficiencies. One of the most effective and useful tool is the power and interest grid tool which is very helpful in determining the stakeholders that can break or make your project by checking their increasing power and interest in the project. It is essential in engaging the right people in the project and targeting those people that have the power and influence to affect your project positively. Employers will always seek to hire a project manager with thorough and experienced knowledge in project management principles who will employ them whenever needed and especially at the edge of failure of business.

Projects are faced with many challenging situations that call for interventions necessary. A real life example that is found in many projects today is the challenge of effective communication brought about by many factors. Communication is very critical in the whole life of a project and should be applied effectively as it highly guarantees a successful and highly performing project. It is very difficult to engage all the stakeholders on the day to day progress of the project because nowadays they are mostly scattered all over the world. Stakeholders may exhibit differences in expectations and hence, a standard mode of communication may not be effective. Due to diversity in culture, functions, age and level of education among others, it maybe next to impossible for team members to work together. Another challenge to communication is the need of the day to day updates to stakeholders due to the frequency at which projects change. It is, therefore, a duty to all project managers to always diverse ways to address this challenge of communication to ensure communication is effective and sufficient for the success of a project.

The power and interest grid tool tends to attract support from all the powerful stakeholders in all aspects of the project. By use of power and grid tool in integrating communication, as a manager, I would first identify those stakeholders that are interested in the operations of the project that may render it successful or unsuccessful. I would categorize them regarding power by determining those that are most affected by my work and have the power qualify or disqualify my routine work. Some may have the power but no interest, meaning they are less likely to react to your project. So considering both power and interest would shape my work on which stakeholder to concentrate on and which ones I should not waste my work and energy incorporating them into the organization.

As written in the project management body of knowledge, “Effective communication means that information is provided in the right format, at the right time, to the right audience, and with the right impact. Efficient information means providing only the information that is needed.” Hence after fully categorizing my stakeholders and understanding them, I would very keenly structure the organization in way that it channels the right information, to the right people and in the expected mode of communication. My first reaction would be coming up with a standard form of a communication plan that is suitable and adoptable to each stakeholder. I would ensure every information communicated draws the right emotion and enables me to gain support from the influential stakeholder. Cost and waste of time incurred from communicating unuseful information and engaging wrong stakeholders would fully be abolished. By adopting this method, my work would be easier with the smooth running of the project and at the same time impacting the influence that fully guarantees the success of the project.