Sample Book Review Paper on Box Inc Case Study

Identify the most important strategic issue/s or problem/s.

Growing with rapid success, Box Inc has experienced some internal problems: Poor communication practices  and mechanisms within the corporation is key, constraints in decision making processes, cultural issues preventing growth and falling hiring system.

Perform an internal analysis

            Since Box Inc is a technology oriented company and believes that every idea is possible, it concentrates in improving its products and innovating new ones. The company focuses on acquiring trustworthy and skilled individuals with technical skills, in order to contribute to their growth. Additionally, in view of the fact that the culture of the organization determines the success of its business, Box Inc’s aim of expanding the business internationally is one of the business’s objective. However, since finding the right individuals to fit in the corporation’s culture is a problem, the firm has had to eliminate some staff and standardize their hiring process. The process is meant to hire new employees that are in line with the company’s core values. Similarly, due to rapid growth of employees that resulted to divergence of the initial objectives of the business, the founders of the firm had to decide on how to improve the employee relationships as well as communication and culture.


Perform an external analysis

             Political Analysis: Box Inc. has focused on situational leadership; acquiring young leaders that are able to help the organization achieve its objectives of expanding its businesses internationally. These leaders and corporate members ensure that the trading activities and transactions are performed diligently.

Economical Analysis:  In order to expand its market cycles, Box Inc founders are aiming at investing greatly in its home and global business for operational excellence. Additionally, in order to stay competitive in the market, the management considers keeping track of the market changes, managing processes and costs as well as identifying and recognizing the changing customer preferences.

Technological Analysis:  To remain relevant in business, a firm that focuses on devices and software need changes and innovations to satisfy its customers. Box Inc has the goal of introducing engineers in its business, so as to improve on its existing products. Furthermore, the technological advancements would help deal with sophisticated clients who require sophisticated services such as data loss-prevention.

Identify the best alternative courses of action most relevant to the key issue/s

            Improving communication mechanisms among the staff members is a better way of contributing to the growth of the firm. Therefore, a realistic number of employees per department ought to be maintained for easier communications. Moreover, setting aside decision making sessions on weekly basis would help solve the poor hiring process, as well as identifying the employing methods that are unproductive or those which are not in line with the corporation’s core values.


Recommend a specific course of action from the alternatives, and justify your chosen recommendation

            Preserving and improving a company’s culture leads to success in business, both in the present and in the future. Box Inc needs to derive a set of values to be used by the company, both locally and internationally. These values would include introducing video conferencing and planning monthly meeting schedules for the executives to travel to the various firm’s business location, with an aim of solving communication issues. These sessions will ensure that problems concerning products, management and processes are solved before they result to bigger business consequences. The meeting conferences will also help delegate roles to the lower management staff, in order to avoid postponements and gaps in the supply chains.