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Sample Article Review Paper on Total Quality Principle

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Sample Article Review Paper on Total Quality Principle
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Total Quality Principles TQP 6310

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SUMMARY (250 words)
Provide a summary in your own words on the article read.

The study highlights the present practices of ISO 9000 in the sports industry. There are various versions of the ISO 9000. Among them are the AS 9100 and ISO 9000: 2000. In present times, ISO 9000 and its derived versions have been on demand. This is due to its validity as part of the company licenses; need to make profits, customer demands, reduced production costs, and requirements for acquiring a competitive advantage. The main purpose for this certification is the requirement for Total Quality Management. The standards are applicable in most of the industries and functions. This is attributed to its practical feature. There are some parts of the developing world where this practice is yet to be appreciated. Deficiency of initiative and awareness has been the leading reasons for this slowness. There are various practices of this management system. There is its status, challenges in the course of its implementation, recommendations, advantages, application on international markets, effects, role of training, cost of certification, applications, and ways forward. Among the benefits are guarantees of business relations within the European community, enhanced quality and productivity, reduced costs of production and time consuming processes, and international recognition. The goods produced also acquire a certification label. However, there is little emphasis on the effects of the business when using this system. This can be attributed to the absence of evaluating benefits. In addition to this, a company can be certified yet it has not applied the required measurements in its operations.





Write the main learning points from reading this article.

  1. ISO 9000 is a useful management system for quality standards
  2. This system is easy to apply in various industries
  3. The system reduces the cost of production and time wastage, while improving the quality and production of goods
  4. Industries and businesses acquire a new status of international recognition
  5. It places little emphasis on the business results
  6. This system has resulted to new forms of registrars, trainers and consultants




ISO 9000 and its versions have been widely accepted. This is attributed to its applicability and diverse purposes. There are also various benefits related to its application. However, there is still need to raise awareness and initiative among the developing countries such as Pakistan. In as much as there are diverse benefits, little is being realized among the companies in terms of quality. This is because of elements such as quality measurements being ignored and the absence of involving supervisors and the managerial team. The diverse criticisms highlight the challenges in applying this system. There is need for the consultants to review this system and its versions. The system’s objective is to improve on the quality. However, when a company goes for the title and the benefits and forfeits the need to have measurement systems followed, it represents a breach of the system.

There are presently ways of applying this system in the Ministry of Science and Technology. This approach is expected to improve its applicability in Pakistan. This approach will, however, have little effect. This is realized even with the absence of luxury of acquiring consultants. The region and other developing nations need to have established education on the significance of quality in production and services. Science and Technology is also a developing section in Pakistan. Furthermore, in order to improve the quality of production in this region, the developed countries need to boost economically in Pakistan. This is due to its instability in various sectors. The nation needs to be educated on the relevance of offering quality services to the public before introducing such measures. The government in the region of Pakistan is establishing initiatives. These actions ought to be accompanied by more education on the benefits of the system.

If the system is to improve on the resources yet it is resource consuming on its own, then there is need to review it. This challenge is being experienced by the new rise of professions such as consultants, document reviewers, and registrars. Many perceive these professions as luxuries. In addition, this system has been viewed as mandatory for most of the industries yet very few of them enjoy the benefits. For instance, it is very difficult for most of the third-world education institutions to compete with education institutions in Europe and the developed nations. Yet, this remains one of the major advantages globally.

In order to experience fully the benefits of this system, there is need to expand other sectors such as agriculture and service sectors. Alternatively, small-scale businesses can apply the system; this is due to its significance in the sports industry, where the benefits have been widely spread. Other international small-scale businesses can emulate the sports sector in Pakistan. This is because the sector is internationally recognized and the benefits can be reflected in production within the nation. Furthermore, quality and cost are the main factors in production of the sports materials. There are competitive markets for these products. Therefore, industries applying this system have an upper hand over the rest of the competitors. In addition to this, materials used in the production of the sports gear are cheap and locally available. These materials can be improved to meet international standards at a fair cost.




How could you apply the subject matter from the article?

This article is relevant in the education of the small sector businesses. The benefits accrued in applying the system are necessary for the small sector. First, I can raise awareness on the significance of the ISO 9000 and its versions. This will enhance the application and understanding of this system. Through education, small-scale entrepreneurs can understand the benefits and the need to apply this system into their quality control. I can also introduce the small sector businesses into the system. This is to emulate the sports sector in Pakistan. The benefits realized from the quality standards are essential for the less established industries and developing nations. This is because of the need for international recognition and the labeling of the goods and products. There is also need to have an international reputation for the sake of business competition. In addition, from the case studies, it has been realized that the medium to small-scale businesses are more advantaged in applying this system than the more established industries.

I would also encourage further quality training and awareness in the businesses. This would include the managerial team and the public. The public members are to act as the watchdogs for the quality of products and the services rendered.




This system is essential for quality improvement. There is need to include the managerial team to realize this benefit in most of the international industries.

Training and quality measurements need to be emphasized in the businesses.





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Sample Article Review Paper on Total Quality Principle

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Sample Article Review Paper on Total Quality Principle

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