Sample Article Review Paper on Karen Leary

What is your evaluation of Chung’s performance?

Chung was hired by Merrill Lynch Company to reach the flourishing and ever-expanding Taiwanese market since he could speak a language that the market could understand. Moreover, he was stable, responsible, had a family, wealth of experience in working as a salesperson, and even owned a business of his own. His performances were heavily affected by his ego and temper something that he attributed to his norms and culture. His relationship with the Taiwanese clients points out to a culture whose principles borders on authoritarianism and insecurity; he did not allow Karen to meet comfortably with the new client.

His initial performance rating was excellent as he used his networks to establish himself; he was good in establishing contacts through organizing for coffee and providing a note and a small gift when meeting research persons. His decent show saw him bring in one great account for a client whom he said was from his village.

His performance was later affected by his ego, attitude, and individualistic nature that made it difficult for him to cope with colleagues. His attitude did not allow him to share a desk with his colleagues; he said some colleagues could be so touchy.  He refused to sit on a sales assistant desk describing that such work was beneath his standards, skills, and expertise.

As a matter of fact, his performance when evaluated is believed to have diminished the moment he insisted on managing the account by himself and felt extremely uncomfortable with the close monitoring of the account by Karen. Supervising him was the major problem as he went ahead to request a private office; a wish that was not granted and so he tendered his resignation demanding to be transferred to another branch where his skills, knowledge and expertise could be recognized.

He also performed poorly when he misrepresented the company and himself by stating that he had been working in the company close to ten years. Ultimately his resignation was accepted and his constant request for reinstatement fell to the deaf ears of Karen who went ahead to manage the account and assigned another FC to handle the client.