Sample Article Review Paper on Brazilian Business Culture

Generally, various issues are important for anybody irrespective of where they come from before doing business in Brazil. Some of these issues include physical contact, trust, appearance, patience and presentation among others. For example, physical contact forms a vital element of communication in the Brazilian business culture.In this respect, Brazilians may touch a person’s elbow or arm during conversations as a sign of respect. Additionally, it is equally important to avoid telephone calls or emails since they prefer face-to-face interactions.According to Hamlett (2015) introductions, attire, gifts, meetings, and business cards among others are some of the business etiquettes according to the Brazilian culture.

Introductions according to the Brazilian culture differ for both sexes. Male introductions are characterized by firm handshakes among themselves. On the other hand, female introductions involve kisses on the cheeks among themselves (Hamlett, 2015). As such, women are allowed to extend their hands to their male counterparts. In respect to business attire, men are normally required to wear dark suits while women should wear dresses or skirts. In addition, they should avoid putting extravagant wealth jewelry displays. Brazilian meetings should be planned two weeks prior to the main day and appointments usually run from 10 am to about noon. Furthermore, interruptions during conversations are not considered unethical according to Brazilian culture.

Considering the fact that most Brazilians speak Portuguese, business cards should be printed in Portuguese text facing up and English.Gifts may include electronics or books and should avoid black or purple colors as they depict mourning (Hamlett, 2015).As such, anybody wishing to conduct any kind of business in Brazil should be cognizant of these elements for proper business flow.




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