Sample Admission Essay on Project Management

Conflict 1: Needs And Expectations

All employees have needs at workplace, which include a flexible workingschedule, a secure and healthy working environment, individual growth and training, and better remuneration.The manner in which such needs are met usually become employees’ expectations for the future- how they anticipate to be treated and the expected changes.

Root Causes and Preventive Action: Conflicts at workplace occur when employers disregard employees’ needs or set impractical expectations. For example, in my company, the management arranged hours that made it difficult for workers to execute their personal responsibilities at home. They were required to work late without prior notice. For appropriate operation and optimaloutput, staff wellbeing should be highly regarded. There needs to be a fair compensation system that reflects performance and managers should involve employees in decision- making.

Conflict 2: Authority Relationships

Tension exist between the management and workers because many individuals do not like being told what they need to do. Managers in numerous organizations have privileges, such as flexible working hours, free personal long-distance calls, and longer breaks.

Root Causes and Preventive Action: In most cases, very strict managers usually find themselves in conflictwith their employees. Individuals try to engage in a conflict as a way of increasing their power or status in a company.Competition for supremacy should not be the priority for a company’s staff but instead they should work as a team to attain a common organizational goal.

Conflict 3: Goal Differences

Goals are general objectives, purpose, and mission of a company that the management establishes and communicates to its employees.

Root Causes And Preventive Action: A conflict arises when departments in an organization have varied or incompatible goals. Goals need to be clear and tasks and contribution of every group towards a company’s goal should be clearly identified.