Case Study Sample Paper on Wendy’s Expansion Plan

Wendy aims at achieving international success. It needs to globally expand its operations at the same time as pursuing its concept of better quality and competitive prices. In order to achieve this international success, the company must take into consideration the attitudes, needs, culture, alongside many other determinants of the customer’s behavior to enable them to break through the market and achieve market allocate over its competitors. Wendy’s also needs to consider the most important factors which influence the purchase decision of its market target and try hard to achieve a competitive periphery in the market.

This paper will analyze market strategy of Wendy in its international expansion and in particular, into Germany. To achieve this, the study will identify the decision making process and determinants that influence the behavior as well as the attitudes of Wendy’s loyal customers. This study was done on the expansion of German due to its perceptions towards Wendy’s.  German looks at Wendy’s as moderately inexpensive and a suitable way of getting some fast food. They also consider Wendy’s food quality as a big motivation to go there. In addition to that, they value food taste and nutritional quality together with hygiene and environmental friendliness

Process of Consumer Decision Making

A customer passes through a series of steps before, while, and after the purchase of the product to fully complete the decision making process. The first phase in this process is recognition of the need. All the more regularly, this need is empowered by locating an item or commercials. Wendy’s eatery ought to be situated in essential perceivability areas like in high movement as in Korea to keep the store in an open eye. This may stimulate hidden needs of customers, for instance, by just seeing a large attractive sign, a client who was not very hungry may make a decision to branch into Wendy’s to take a quick snack.

The next step in consumer’s decision-making is the search for information. This is where the customer searches for information from their evoked set of familiar brands. In this case study, the appropriate names are McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King and also Wendy’s. Wendy’s must, therefore, distinguish itself from its competitors, in this case, to make them gain an advantage. Wendy’s should put more emphasis on advertisement to make its brand familiar to customers to have a maximum success (McMeeken, 2015). Its store ought to likewise be in a key area where clients are well on the way to be visit for example, close office structures or strip mall. After client’s selection of Wendy’s a place to satisfy their hunger, it’s now upon the Company to ensure that it fulfills its promises and the customer’s desires for visiting the store. The organization ought to watch a few determinants, for example, cleanliness, the speed of administration, item quality, staff involvement and kind disposition, item determination, among others, will decide if a customer is fulfilled by their visit and his/her probability to return in future.

Personality Determinant of Client Conduct

Wendy’s would need to understand and analyze that which compels a customer into its store and finally buys its products. It should, therefore, understand personality determinants of customer conduct. Some of these determinants incorporate customers’ assets, contribution, inspiration, a way of life, learning, and demeanors as talked about underneath in this paper.

The buyer’s asset will influence the sort of choice they make, regardless of whether transient, financial or psychological.A latent Wendy’s customer is expected to go for an economical, fast yet tasty meal. Therefore, these factors must be put into consideration by Wendy’s while planning its sales and marketing strategy (Jabeen, &Katsioloudes, 2013). This is to mean that they must have an affordable price, with quick delivery time and still of good quality. Some resources owned by the client also may influence their inspiration towards buying a product.

The motivation of a potential Wendy’s consumer can range from a mere hunger that needs fulfillment to someone who wants to have an “American experience.” For Wendy’s to influence consumer motivation, it will need to ensure that its stores fit that which motivates its clients and satisfy all types of their needs whether necessary like hunger or more complicated like to satisfy self-esteem. If customers can get what they desire at the right time with a reasonable price, they will usually be content.

The aspect of knowledge is an important determinant which Wendy’s should exploit. The company must focus reaching its potential customers with its brand name to make them aware of Wendy’s. They should also strive to let clients know their value propositions and how they distinguish themselves from their competitors (Eades et al., 2017). The attitudes of a person towards Wendy’s are likely to be affected by marketing campaigns. Client’s attitudes will be influenced by advertisement and other related marketing campaigns. To effectively keep and maintain a favorable position amongst its customers, Wendy’s must support itself as the best place to eat and also keep this promise.

Exterior Manipulates of Customers Behavior

External influences which contribute to the behavior of clients may include factors like family, demographics, culture and social classes. Every one of these components will change a few attributes of clients and can decide if they buy the items or not. Wendy would need to investigate, particularly with various societies and lifestyle of different customers for its overall development and increase most extreme piece of the pie. In the way of life and socioeconomics the expanding number of ladies working all day is a primary worldwide change. This implies they have less time to cook at home, making families to eat out commonly. Wendy’s can waste the chance of this pattern by making itself as a charming spot where the whole family can visit and have their dinner.

As recommended by the contextual analysis, Wendy’s is focusing to extend its piece of the pie internationally. Its development is taking a gander at how to infiltrate into the Germans showcase. Along these lines, to accomplish this, it must comprehend and break down completely the German lifestyle, culture and furthermore what propels German customers to buy first sustenance items. In this manner, because of the Germans elevated requirement of the Company, Wendy’s must guarantee that it agrees to the German desires

In conclusion, it is evident that Wendy’s must thoroughly analyze its customers’ behaviors to maintain its achievement in the home market and build success as it expands into global markets. Wendy’s should offer its brands and items as every nation has distinctive societies, socioeconomic, and values. The company should also do research on motivation and attitudes of the different market fragment to increase its chances of success. All in all, Wendy’s will go far in meeting the exact needs and making customer’s fulfillment by building a fabulous brand picture and surpassing desire.








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